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Yep, I saw that last week, Carrie... and noticed when she'd posted it. Made me smile.

I just wanted to say...those of you who have Tracy on facebook will have seen her pictures of Logan, her new granddaughter who has been adopted by the couple down the street. In that album, as I was clicking through today, I came across a shot where Toni had commented on wanting to kiss the baby's little cheeks. I hadn't seen that Toni commented there before, and it was very sweet. She posted it on last Wednesday, maybe just an hour or two before she went out (judging by her other posts that day).

Beautiful words from a person with a beautiful soul about another with a beautiful soul!

What a great way to honour Toni!

Yes, this is truly amazing!


I can't think of a better way to honor Toni and the way she lived her life. Thanks, Linda!

This is a beautiful tribute to Toni's faith. Thank You.

i have found myself truly at a loss for words in all of this (which is why i keep making hearts at you guys on facebook), but i wanted to say that this is so powerful and wonderful. it feels so perfect. thanks, linda. <3

that is a great tribute to her i was a friend and she will be missed


I think thats a wonderful tribute! I know she is beaming with pride knowing she touched so many hearts - more than she probably ever realized!


I think Toni would be very happy to know that her name will be attached to something that does good things and brings joy, just as she did.

I cannot think of any greater testament to Toni's life than this. Hers was a heart that was always open, always giving, always caring. And even with her gone from this earthly plane, her reach remains both gentle and powerful...and always loving.

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