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Friday, August 12, 2022


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Up in Rockland County, NY there is a large population of Ultra Orthodox and Hassidic Jews. They largely do not vaccinate themselves or their children. This is also true of some neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY. This is why my Bklyn neighborhood was a covid hotspot longer than it should have been. It is a cultural divide and has been forever. Now that polio is being seen again I wonder if that is going to make a difference in practice and attitudes. There is no question that my Orthodox neighbors are hands on, loving parents. I see them,out and about day in and day out. But I really can't fathom why they won't get on board with vaccinations when this dreaded and deadly disease is potentially showing its face again. Antivaxxers are a special nightmare all their own. But they don't tend to live in communities all together. My neighbors do. At the height of the lockdown there was a 10,000 guest wedding in Brooklyn. They paid a fine. Little has moved the needle much, including the eventual urging of a couple of influential rabbis. This isn't anti semitism but a statement of fact. It is concerning. I would hate to see any of my neighbors or their children contract polio. It would be heartbreaking for them and our neighborhood as a whole. No one wants to see a deadly but preventable disease, one that was eradicated decades ago, rear it's ugly head again. My mom remembers the outbreaks in the 40s and early 50s and they were devestating. I am hoping this was an anamoly and there are no actual cases but I can't say I am not worried about it and frightened for those who cannot get the vaccine.

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