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Tuesday, March 15, 2022


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The stats are sobering on many levels.

Since I would probably get put in FB jail for saying this at your post there, I'll say it here. First, I feel EXACTLY the way you do, I get so GD angry, my blood boils. A guy I used to sorta like that I work with, I now HATE HIS GUTS. Only because he's so arrogant about being a non-vaxxer. He's had covid, almost died because of a blood clot in his lung and YET, he still walks around the office without a mask. And I can't do a GD thing about it. I sit in my open office desk space and he has an office (because he's an officer of the company) and I'm at his mercy. And I'm now 65 and going to get my fourth shot as soon as I can. I'm just so done with all of these fuckers. I hope this next strand wipes them off the planet. DIE YOU MUTHER FUCKERS.

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