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Tuesday, November 23, 2021


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I am so sorry for your loss. Your dad sounds like he was a wonderful man. I joined this Club when I was 21 and lost my dad. I will say the first year is the most difficult and then it starts to begin to get slightly bearable. I wish you all comfort in your memories and in each other.

What a difficult time for everyone - glad he is at peace& hope he will always be remembered with a smile.
Didn’t realize he was a Steeler fan- Same grit, same class & determination- I live in Pittsburgh- so I know & respect these qualities.
Love to you all.

I have been a member of this "club" for quite a while. Sometimes I find myself wondering if it's best if they go suddenly, like my father did, or linger for goodbyes, like your father and my mother did. As much as it hurts, I was glad to be able to be with my mom, and I hated that my dad passed quickly when I was 2 hours away, living in another city.
Like Lori said, it becomes bearable, but the ache never goes away. This time of year is especially hard for me, because my mom passed the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
I hope your aches ease quickly, and you are left with just good, funny, happy memories. I am happy that your children got to know their Uncle Pap and have amazing memories of him.
I love you Linda. Sending healing vibes for your heart.

Many hugs. That was beautifully written. 💔❤️💔

What a beautiful tribute to your father. This “Club” is one we hope our friends can put off joining for as long as possible. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could pick up the phone and call my mom. Occasionally, I can feel her with me and I cherish those moments. Please know that you are surrounded by members of this blogmmunity who support you and are there for you should the need ever arise.

I would welcome you to the "Club," but it kills me that you are now a member. Linda, this is a beautiful tribute to your precious father.

The hurt never goes away; that ache in your heart never goes away. But it DOES become bearable; it DOES soften and ease.

But every once and a while, you'll be blindsided by an 18-wheeler of overwhelming grief that comes out of nowhere.... just allow yourself to lose your shit in a safe place. Don't bother fighting the waves, just surf them to the shore.

I love you bunches, friend. I'm always here for you.

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