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Friday, October 22, 2021


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Sometimes I feel lucky that I lost my father quickly. He was fine one minute, had a heart attack and was gone. For the longest time I hated that I wasn't able to see it coming because I would have spent more time with him (I lived 2 hours away with a new baby and it was hard sometimes to make the drive from Columbus to Cincinnati). I am so sorry you are going through this Linda and am here if you need to vent.

I am saddened to hear about your dad. I wish you and your family the best as you navigate these uncharted waters. it seems like you found a set up that will serve both of your parents well as time goes on.

I’m in such a similar place with my mom, Linda. My heart breaks a little more each day. I am sending you so much love. It’s so beautiful that you continue to give and give, even during the hard chapters. It is clear that your giving buoys you as you bring joy to others.

Having just lost my dad about 6 weeks ago to Alzheimer’s, I feel your heartbreak. My tears are falling as I write this. I’m donating today because I believe your “Yes, Virginia” love project is more important than ever. My father donated to many causes over the years and so I donate in his honor this year. Love you, Linda. M

My Dad (20 years gone) went through much of the same. He kept asking "How did I go down so far, so fast?" There is no answer. I remember one of the last conversations I had with him. We discussed cloning endangered species (he was a naturalist) Although he was in decline we discussed HOPE for the future of our planet. Even when he was in decline, he still held on to hope for the rest of the world.

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