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Friday, October 15, 2021


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First of all congratulations on Culley's marriage and Kendall's engagement. Best wishes to both couples. Secondly, I have been reading this blog since Carrie Underwood's AI season and have, this whole time, thought you only had a sister. I am glad she is currently doing ok and hope she ultimately beats this thing. I am sad you have to cope with your parents' transitions on your own though I am sure your sister gives as much as she can right now.

Along with you, I am sick of the willfully stupid keeping this covid nightmare going. I am sorry for the many children now orphaned primarily because their parents were stupid and thoughtless of their children's need to have living parents. Many others were orphaned pre-vaccine through no fault of their parents. But the ones dying now had a choice and chose to take the risk of opening their kids despite the availability of 3 vaccines. There are days when I just can't any more.

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