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Friday, April 03, 2020


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Happy Belated Birthday... I have been remiss in following you and missed it. Good luck in Phoenix.

I am crying because of your generosity. Sometimes putting others ahead of ourselves is the hardest thing to do, so I applaud what you are doing - that you even thought of this is a testament to what generous and loving people you and Rudy are. I agree with what Judith said above, you do have a mansion, and we all hold you and your family in our hearts as well. Happy Birthday 🥳, no one will ever fault you for having a little celebration with your hunky Rudy.

Happy Birthday Linda. These are difficult and crazy times but hope you have a good day. Every day and every life is precious. Hope the world gets through this a bit wiser, more humble and infinitely grateful. Hope you keep writing coz I know it does have an impact on many. Sending you best wishes for health and happiness always.

You are a great lady. I admire you. Enjoy your new “home”
Remember Home is where the heart is- you have a mansion!

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