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Tuesday, April 07, 2020


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I would stand up and cheer to this, but I’m too sad, frustrated, angry and feel helpless. The hope that he would do one good thing by sending out those stimulus checks has flown out the window by his firing of Pentagon Inspector General Glenn Fine, the top Pentagon official tasked with leading the committee overseeing implementation of the $2 trillion coronavirus law, replacing him with his own pick. He wanted to control the money from the beginning, but the Democratic House wouldn’t let him - he’s just bypassing the House now to get what he wanted. He also has stock (that I read he bought in January - after he was briefed on the Coronavirus) in the company that makes the drug he’s been boasting about cures CV-19. Are there any lines he won’t cross? He himself said he could murder someone in NYC and they’d still vote for him. I’m beginning to think that’s true.

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