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Wednesday, March 18, 2020


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So good to see you light up the internet again! ❤️

So happy that we get to reunite where so many friendships started and have deepened over the years! Love you my friend! Welcome home!

Glad to see you here again Linda. Especially at this time.

It feels great to be back at the keyboard. :)

Glad that you have fought through the writers block and have come back to say what we are all thinking, but don't have the skill to say as eloquently as you do. I am looking forward to reading and responding too.

Yay! This gives me the happy! So happy to have you back - and I love the new Linda emojis...did Toby draw them? It doesn’t really look like his work, but someone is talented! I got told today that ouroffice is basically shutting down on March 23 and won’t reopen until April 30th. I hope 45 comes through with his promises, but I’m not holding my breath...until then, I’m on a B U D G E T. I hate that word.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I have missed 'our' private little corner of comraderie and common sense SO much. We need this now...

I love this so much!

Thank you, thank you, thank you (said with tears in my eyes). My anxiety has spiked and I just feel helpless. I have to find things to focus my energy on to keep me from spiraling down a black hole. I will look forward to your blog posts once again!

@Terri..the help I gave them could easily be handled by an office tech who is twiddling their thumbs at our regional office with nothing to do since our lobbies are closed. Instead they pulled workers with active cases to do this. Yes, these folks need assistance but it is something that is easily handled by someone else. I am not disputing that folks need help but my case load also needs my help. The office tech who is watching Disneychannel on their phone because they have nothing to do could do this

does this mean the return of American Idol recraps? lol

Welcome back! You were missed!

@Shawn: I feel your frustration! But think of this - those two calls that were folks needing help? You made a difference in their day. Don't forget the little things, and take good care of yourself. :)

Love you, woman!

Just seeing your comments come in makes my heart smile. THANK YOU ALL.

I am at work. For that I am grateful despite being frustrated by situation. I was told last minute yesterday I was being reassigned for indeterminate amount of time to new office/new duties. No time to finish up tasks or chance to tidy up my caseload of 70+ clients who still need me to process things for them. Instead I am answering calls in off chance someone is trying to apply for CalWORKs (cash aid). I have taken TWO calls that were for that. REST? ALL were transferred. So I am a glorified phone operator/receptionist. Commute was added to by 20 miles per day. I am frustrated because this task is a waste of time while my clients get short changed.

Such GOOD news! Thank you!

THANK YOU I was thinking that this is a time when we need someone (you) to bring us some light and some laughter.

Hi Linda! So glad to see you here again! Much love and wishes for safety and good health to all here.

Sitting here with tears falling from my eyes. I DO hope that we all get through this nightmare. I thought Trump being "president" was about the worse thing that could happen to this country. I was wrong.

So happy to be back :)

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