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Tuesday, March 31, 2020


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I really needed to read this message of hope today. Been feeling a little down today; thanks for a message to lift my spirits and give me something to look forward to. I can't wait to bust out my flowers!

This is an odd kind of beauty out here. Sometimes I miss the lushness of grass underfoot , like under shade trees, but it would make no sense out here. In fact, those who insist on having grass are not look upon too kindly given the scarcity of water. That being said, there is a development down the street from my sister's and they have HUGE greenspace areas of thick, lush, well watered grass. When I walk past it I do think about my childhood houses and how my father lovingly baptized it with the holy power of Scott's every Sunday night. :)

Amen Katy!
Linda, I loved the analogy of us being like the cactus. I would’ve never thought of that, but your descriptive words made me see it very clearly. Do you miss the green grass and trees?

You got me tearing up...again. I DO want to have hope again, but I had lost a LOT of it even before the virus. I saw an evil stupid man rise to power and become teflon, as people around him allowed him to shit all over the Constitution. I think my biggest fear about all of this finally coming to an end, will be the blowhard in the WH claiming credit.

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