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Saturday, September 21, 2019


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It's time for Nancy to go. She is being primaries in her district. I don't know what mysterious endgame she has in mind but it is past time for impeachment hearings. Clinton lied about an affair and impeachment hearings went into play. We are well beyobd that here and crickets. Maybe my conspiracy loving brother in law is right and they are all working together downwards our demise while trying not to look like it.

Once again, you nailed it. Your essay reflects many of the thoughts that I have expressed over and over.
Mocking the disabled reporter ALONE should have disqualified that heinous creature currently occupying the Oval Office immediately from even continuing on his campaign. Instead, it was brushed aside and all the rest was allowed to occur.
I cannot fathom why those subpoenaed who refused to testify are not held in contempt. I cannot reason why that abominable performance by Corey Lewandowski was allowed with no repercussions to him>
Cannot Schiff and Nadler, both whom I believe are honorable men and whom I trust, do anything? I believe both of them put nation above personal interest, above their current posts. Are their hands tied?

One: We must rid ourselves of the cancer sitting in the Oval Office.
Two (or 1B): We must evict McConnell.

We are living a nightmare.
We must awaken. Evil cannot win.

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