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Sunday, May 27, 2018


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The photo with the kids in a cafe? They keep telling us that it was an Obama thing, an Obama policy. Right. Because if this was going on then, the GOO would have been screaming bloody murder. I have never been as ashamed of this country as I am now.

OMG! Sick to my stomach! My heart breaks for the parents and the terrified children. My mind cannot even comprehend that scenario. If someone tried to take my child away from me, I would end end up in jail for my actions. That this is happening in today's day and age in a country like the U.S. is mind-boggling to put it mildly. Lost the Children? Seriously - WTF???

I cried reading this because I too am saddened by all the hate that trump has opened in our world, this are children maybe not ours but children,and how can we as humans stand by and let this man do this to them,who will be next to be put in camps?

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