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Saturday, March 24, 2018


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Where are all the people with guns who claim they need them to protect us from a government that has been taken over by hostile forces and turned into a tyranny? The only shots being fired are from idiots targeting or accidentally shooting kids (theirs and ours), themselves, or people who are no threat to anyone.

Emma is brilliant. I was very moved also by young Yolanda King. How proud her grandfather would be to see her speak on a subject that has serious impact on African American young people. And the young 11 year old girl who stood to speak for the dead black girls and women whose violent deaths don't make the news. These young people will change the world. And how frightening that is to some adults who failed to do anything in this world besides make it a little worse.

It amazes how often I hear some variation of "What do they know? They're just kids." Kids who have been taught to stand up, speak up, man/woman up. Kids who have seen way too much violence in their communities and their world. Kids who will vote soon. When these so called "no-nothing" kids vote these tone deaf politicians out of office, wonder if they will listen then?

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