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Thursday, January 11, 2018


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As the child and grandchild of immigrants his attitude disgusts me. This country was built on the backs and sweat of immigrants in every field and industry. People from virtually every nation under the sun have contributed to making America the imperfect but great nation it became. He should remember his own mother was an illegal immigrant from a Scotland that at the time. Due to a horrendous economy, was itself a shithole.

This should be an editorial included in every newspaper in the U.S. NOT fake news and horrifying. Have been weeping for our country for over a year now.

THIS. Can you please print a copy of THIS and put it in an envelope addressed to "Shithole of the United States, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500"? Someone THERE needs to read THIS, ALL OF THIS.

PS - I know that you and most of the DGMS readership is not responsible and know this already.

Before reading the book, I knew I would be shocked, just never imagined how much.

I am presently reading Fire and Fury.

Everyone KNEW who and what he was and that is was eminently not qualified or even capable, yet... here you are. Aided and abetted into the White House by and for those who wanted things their agenda pushed forward and knew they could do it with the dotard in place.

If even half of what was written in this book is true, MANY, MANY Washington Politicos should be imprisoned.

I once wrote a screed about securing our borders. This was before the current occupant was in the White House. First, I made the point that walls have historically been highly successful - NOT -- Hadrien's Wall in Scotland, The Great Wall of China, The Berlin Wall - non of them managed to accomplish the purpose for which they were constructed. At the time, I pointed out that when politicians cry for "Border Security" before they will even begin to discuss immigration reform means that they really don't want to address the issue.

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