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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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The sad part? This wasn't even a major news story. I first got an alert from a UK paper. Watched 2 hours of msnbc. No mention. We are numb now. If 500 people aren't shot at it seems to not even get a mention. Nothing will get done again. Because the NRA will boost their bribes, I mean, contributions, to make sure if it.

I am not surprised. I would not be surprised if they discover that it was his own gun. People in this area routinely give their kids guns and teach them how to shoot. CHILDREN are not fully developed at that age and therefore their conflict resolutions aren't thought out properly. This kid took it upon himself to hurt and maim his fellow students and essentially ended his own life. I tell my kids all the time to be on the lookout for the disenfranchised kids, to listen when they hear odd statements and to be above all, kind.

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