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Sunday, December 03, 2017


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There ARE good churches that don't condone this sort of preaching or believing but they rarely make the headlines. These guys give church a bad name. They believe God's mercy is for only a select few. They only focus on the verses that meet their world view. If you listen to these kooks they rarely actually quote Christ because he preached tolerance. Face it, he was kind of a homeless guy who hung out with beggars and hookers and only owned one pair of shoes. That truth does not fit into their vision of Jesus with light hair and blue eyes, ya know? They actually create a God as they wish God to be, vengeful. When according to Jesus, hey, there's room for everybody in the Kingdom of Heaven. If there is an afterlife, some of these "Christians" are going to be in for a real shock. But this is a first for me too. Inever once heard even the most conservative priest I knew preach about actually killing someone. Where do these guys come from?

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