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Thursday, November 30, 2017


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You know, Linda, all of what has come out recently has been roiling in my mind too. No, I was never raped but I have been harrassed subtly and not so subtly, pinched, patted, stroked,heard lewd comments and even been invited to enter into an affair that would "help my career." I remember a co-worker being hounded into quitting for reporting an old dinosaur at our job who had said some pretty disgusting stuff to her. "Boys will be boys." While I never reported any of this out of fear of reprisal and so much of it being he said/she said, it is doing my heart good to see these cretins be taken down. Being much older I would not stand for this shit now. I wish my younger self had been braver and pushed back. I am sorry that all of this is forcing you to relive what happened to you. I am glad you have the support of Rudy to get you through it.

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