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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


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Here is the thing that amazes me. For the most part these are intelligent men. Many are or have been married, some have daughters or sisters, all had a mother. If any of the women in their lives reported being the targets of any of the behaviors they have committed they would be angry and ready to rumble. How is it that these relatively intelligent men cannot keep their hands to themselves, their penises in their pants and a civil, appropriate tongue in their heads? If a man stops to think "Would I want anyone saying/doing this to my wife/girlfriend.daughter/sister/mother?" and the answer is "No." then they should back off. I mean, really,how hard is it to behave? These men can likely find plenty of women who would happily engage in consensual activities with them, whatever the woman's motives for doing so might be. So why do they have to act like this? Careers and reputations in a shambles and important personal and professional relationships ruined. Is acting in a lewd and disgusting manner really worth it? At one time no woman would dare breathe a word of it because THEY would pay the price. They would get fired or ostracized. Now it is different. These women are being heard and we are finally seeing some consequences. All to the good. But it would just be better if everyone acted as the gentlemen (and ladies, because some harrassers are women!) they know they can and should be.

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