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Wednesday, September 27, 2017


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Very well put. I SO agree with you. Thanks from a 73-year-old in Michigan. I have often wanted to stay seated during playing of the anthem, because of what the flag has represented in far too many military invasions and bullying of other countries. I did remain seated at one concert during the Iraq War. But I don't want to embarrass my family members when I'm with them.
But you see, I also have a stirring inside me when hearing the anthem, or looking at the flag. My feelings are mixed and not easy to pin down. I do support Kaepernick, though, along with those who have risked being fired or just being shamed and condemned by people I consider overly consumed with flag and anthem idolatry.

Great column and wonderful examples of calling out the blatant hypocrisy and ignorance that is often on display from some on the conservative side of the aisle.

Correct again Linda. The ignorance out there is astounding. Mike Ditka recently talked about "players demonstrating against the Constitution."



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