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Friday, July 28, 2017


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It is tiring. He makes news every day and never for anything good. This has been a disaster. Thank goodness that McCain grew a set and followed the lead of Collins and Magursky. I am unplugging for a week. I will keep up with papers and a news broadcast but I am tired and need to recharge. Have a good week. Hopefully nothing too awful will happen but I am not holding my breath.

But, but, Linda! He said he's a Christian and is against abortion! THAT is why my sister voted for him. And because she bought, hook, line and sinker, the BS that Rush spewed about Obama for 8 years. How Obama caused the greatest racial divide in the history of our country. NO, Obama being President, allowed someone as vile as Trump to empower the ignorant racists that were hiding under a rock.

Linda - Charlie Cook in his Cook Political Report today has an excellent column entitled "Trump Rules by Gut, Not Brains" I highly recommend it.

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