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Sunday, May 28, 2017


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The despair I feel for myself - but more for my son and others - is as close to unbearable as I can imagine. Agent Orange has, in a relatively short time, dramatically changed our sense of normalcy, nevermind decency. I wonder how (and if) we can heal.

Agent Orange has not said one word about Portland. Right this minute I am watching the Draft Dodger, on the sacred ground of Arlington Cemetery, recount stories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our country. He is disgusting.

Thank you Linda for writing down what lots of us feel, I truly loose sleep at night since Trump has become President. I am a child of immigrants who came to this country 50+ years ago from Cuba, and I am very proud of this. They left ALL they new for a better life in America. We were welcomed, treated well, my family went back to school to obtain their degree and we have lived here helping our fellow neighbors. That is the America I grew up with and learned to love. At no moment were we taught to hate or discriminate people from other countries, other religion, etc. Trump represents all that America is not. My heart hurts just seeing what has been happening with him in office.

Thank you, again, Linda! These two brave and decent men who died ( and a third that was seriously wounded) are heros in my community of Portland, OR for standing up to this vile piece of shit and it's such a tragedy that it cost them their lives 😢 There are too many Jeremy Christians in this world. Even though he had a long criminal history, his Facebook posts were filled with was only a matter of time when that hatred would explode.!

I'm so despairing of our country which, even though our founders yanked it out from under the natives who were here FIRST, nevertheless for the vast majority of time at least tried to achieve fairness and equality for its citizens and, yes, immigrants too, has slid so far down the moral slope to where we stand today. The United States doesn't deserve to be the world's moral leader anymore-- there are still good people here but a great deal of damage has been done which may be irreparable as long as we have such morally corrupt examples in our government who, by the way, would be well reminded that they are NOT our leaders, they're our representatives, which is even more despairing when I think that there are people out there who they actually represent. Sad times.

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