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Sunday, May 07, 2017


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A whole year already? Holy smoke. I am so happy that Toby is following his path, step by careful step,and glad that he has a loving family to support him on his way.

Our children are our children. End of. No matter what life brings, they remain our children. I have been so blessed and privileged to watch your family, and be embraced by your family, since our kiddos were in grade school, and the journey to Self that Toby has been on has touched so many lives and hearts. Happy Rebirthday, Toby!!! The McKinnon Family loves you very much.

Happy Rebirth Day, Toby! As my friend Coen (born Lucy) told me, the day you discover who you really are is the best day of your life. Keep growing, learning, and being your true self. And keep kicking ass. The world needs more of that!

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