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Friday, April 07, 2017


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Funny how that movie has come to my mind time and again this year. I said "But when Obama wanted to strike Trump was all against it on Twitter and the GOP was up in arms and wouldn't approve it. Heaven forbid he issued an executive action on it as Trump just did they would have rode him out of town on a rail." We ARE being wagged, wagged, wagged. There are enough stupid people out there to think that this was a successful strike. 4 kids dead and aircraft in the air a day later. Who are they trying to kid? And yes, the hypocrisy is stunning. "Punish" Assad but do nothing to actually help those poor suffering people.

While the movie Wag the Dog didn't come to mind, this is exactly what I thought of the moment the air strike news hit me.

Yep! We're on the same page with Trump, always have been.
This will up his failing ratings for now, but it won't last and could very well have disastrous results! All of the other shit is going to hit the fan and it just
can't come soon enough. # PERSIST

OMG Linda, I thought the exact same thing. Wag The Dog is one of those movies I can watch more than once, and it came to mind as soon as I heard he had decided to drop the bombs.

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