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Thursday, March 16, 2017


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Ok, so Trump is an idiot who should never have been elected. Tell us something we don't already know.


No one who voted for Trump is going to be moved by any of this. Trump Inc. will inevitably find a way to blame Hillary, Obama, and the Democrats in general, for any problems that occur as a result of their missteps, and their loyal base will believe every word they say.

Let's start talking about positive things we can actually DO to help turn this around.

I've decided the best thing I can do is to continue and redouble my efforts to strive and excel to be the best at what I can be to become the best person I can be. To finish my degree, to do that which I feel I have been called to do in this lifetime, and to leave this world a better place than when I arrived. I don't waste all my energy complaining and being miserable. Ask yourself what you can do for yourself, your community, country and world, to make them a better place to live.

It sounds trite and simplistic. But if half the energy spent by all these hordes of people I see posting vitriol on the Internet would be spent actually looking in the mirror and making themselves a better person and more effective at making and doing good in the world, imagine where we could be.

Interesting. One point about the raid that he approved so casually: It had apparently been planned for months in advance, during Obama's White House. I'm with you 100% on all you said, even though Trumpies won't read it-except to find things like that to focus on. Just letting you know.

Exactly. But sadly 45's believers won't ever read this :(

Your anger is understandable. However, your stooping to name calling makes you no better than the people you are trying to belittle. I am not a Trump fan by any means. But I voted for him for two reasons: 1) Supreme Court Justice, and 2) He was NOT Hillary.

And even here there are people saying "Go Trump" and they are glad Hillary didn't win...Seriously, what is wrong with such people? It can't just be stupidity, it must be a fundamental hatred of other people in general. Why do they cling to the idea that Mrs Clinton did something so terribly wrong (that they can't even specify) and yet reject all the horrors of the last two months? Do they think that they are somehow protected? They cannot pretend that they are patriotic, nor can they claim to be Christian. They seem to be living in Bizarro-World where they think they are invulnerable because "Team Trump" won the election.. are people really so badly educated as to think it's as simple as a football game? Trump wins, America loses, the whole world loses. A friend told me that her friend "who is a nice lady" voted Trump because Muslims are "cruel to their women". Somehow (according to my friend) this "nice lady" had the idea that if Trump banned Muslims from America then it would be a good thing for women in Algeria or Afghanistan or something. The thinking doesn't join up at all. So she voted for American women to lose clinical care, health insurance, bodily autonomy, clean water, clean air etc instead.. Genius...

Problem is, the word wealth used here is too much for the ones it is directed at.

Thank you!!! You have put into words what so many of us are feeling. What I liked is you hit on the fact that Hillary Clinton has been so demonized by the Republican party and people just blindly accept the bs they hear saying they couldnt vote for her. But you can vote for a morally bankrupt con man with zero integrity. He asked what have we got to lose? The answer is now clear. EVERYTHING!!!!

S P O T. O N ! ! !


Very well said!

Do you want to be right or do you want things to change? We may all agree with you but with such rhetoric you'll only preach to the choir. Vitriol no matter how witty is still vitriol. Wish people woukd use their anger (and intelligence) to craft a message that might actually get through and no just get a high 5 from people who already agree.

Enlighten us as to WHY.


You are preachin' the WORD today!


All I can say is "Thank God Hillary lost!"


Fucking A, right on!

OMG - how do I follow YOU!! Can't repost I'm a Single mom and a FED (gotta keep my job - don't trust petty in chief not to retaliate). But thank you for " friend speaks my mind".

Rationalizations are more important to them than oxygen...

Gobsmacked in NJ

I absolutely love this! Thank you!!

Wow! It's great to see how many people get it, and understand what psychologically messed up President we have now!

Ummm you are amazing! Thank you for so eloquently saying what I've been thinking forever! The utter hypocrisy of it all is astounding. BRAVO!

I love you!!!!!!!!!! I love you hardcore!

A woman just linked this rant on my Facebook wall with the note: "I think this woman might be your kindred spirit."

You are! You really are!

Except you are so much more awesome!

Can we be Facebook friends? Am I weird? Sorry -- the brilliance of your rant has me a bit nutty!

Just about every thing you said here matched what I've been saying for months now. Bravo for posting this.

How did I miss this earlier??? One of your best written works! (The kids get credit for yours and Rudy's best works!)

You know I love ya more than my luggage.

Wow wish I had written this. All we can do is wait and watch and get his ass out.

Is it wrong that I yelled "YESSSS!" when I read your ending? Fuck your feelings is exactly how I feel. Every day, all day.

Simply, thank you.

Best thing I've read in ages!

Wow at long last the truth is out there! I look at what is happening from Europe with dismay, as your country is demolished social entity by entity and I worry about your poor. Before I used to worry about those not having access to healthcare, now most of the population will not have access to healthcare, is he trying to kill off the old and sick? I have witnessed how he acts in Europe and he is such an ignorant,arrogant, uneducated, uncultured individual one has to wonder how much money was spent to get him where he is? But the uncouth man underneath the expensive suits, is nothing more than a Pathological Narcissist who will not listen to those who know how to act in politics - if he has anybody there capable of doing so? which I doubt. He has done some illegal acts. I hope that they are found to be treasonous so that you can get rid of him NOW. But it will take you years to correct his horrendous social mistakes and in between times, people will be dying. I feel for those who were hooked with his empty promises, they are not away skiing this weekend with a protection of Secret Services, why are you protecting his adult family? They have enough money to pay for protection themselves. I hope you find a way to get rid of him as soon as possible, before you become part of Russia...........

I find it hysterically hilarious when I "meet" a ONCE-GOP Republican/Conservative SUBporter of Depressident trumPsycho, and I point out that they are an ignorant, organically stupid, self-based, generally unkind & uncaring, lacking in compassion and empathy, low-intellect, low-class, low-rent, low-life, indecent, uncouth, disgraceful, disgusting, shameful, deplorable, worthless, toxic, scumbaggy, petty sub-human being, and they think they are not.

It is VERY sad, because they are Oh, SO wrong. (they may have to mix & match some of the descriptives above, to give some of them the benefit of the doubt, though it's always levels and degrees and manners, and more of them apply than fewer, in most cases)

They are basically mind-broken, with light to egregious sociopathic tendencies. They are mentally and emotionally violent, and on the constant edge of physical violence. They tend to be unabashed bullies, who thrive on the discomfort and pain and suffering of others, often finding it humorous. They tend to be overly selfish, self-centered, self-interested, self-absorbed, self-entitled, and exhibit self-destructive behaviors and attitudes in the extreme.

(and the VERY FEW who are at least minimally intelligent (most often pseudo-intellectual) tend to be undeservedly egotistical and self-embarrassingly arrogant, plus that intelligence is utterly overshadowed by all the rest of their questionable and distasteful traits and characteristics, to the point where it doesn't even matter that they have some minor 'smartness')

Most of them wallow in their highly irrational thinking and beliefs, especially those who color their lives with religious BELIEFS to the point where they are anti-social, anti-intellect, and anti-Reality.

All of this is in part due to them being infantile, childish, juvenile, and overly immature.

They also are not true Americans in the sense that it has always been understood, and striven for, for centuries, and they are therefore Un-American and Un-Patriotic, some of them (too many) to the point of being treasonous traitors.

These are the reasons why 'we' cannot have an intelligent, rational, reasoned, logical, objective, caring-based and critical thinking-based discussion with them, because they are none of those things, and worse, which is also why you can't "work with them", or try for something like "can't we all just get along" (which is actually a child's sentiment), because they have NO interest in doing so. (and probably no ability)

"We" have tried that crap for DECADES now, and look where it has gotten us. Time to "try something 'new' ". This has all gone WAY beyond the pale -- in fact, it is so bad that one literally has trouble finding words to describe how terrible, disgusting, disgraceful, and horrendous it all is. It is literally that bad, sans hyperbole.

Which is why, if, on the day you die, the world is a better place due to your absence, then you have failed miserably as a minimally decent human being.
So far they have ALL failed epically in that sense.
Good riddance.

Planet Earth needs to be rid of these Shit Monkeys. I see no other viable alternative. Or they will suck us down into the putrid muck that is destroying America and all the good things it has always stood for. (attempted in the ideal, too often falling short -- but now it is distressingly tragic due to who they ALL are, and what they choose to be, and what they are doing, and have done)

Agree with every point made here, and it's all well expressed. I will be following this feed.

You have vocalized everything that I am feeling. I am so grateful that you had the guts to do it! Thank you

Thank you for your comment - much appreciated. I honestly do not care if his followers get incensed. They stood shoulder to shoulder with hatred, misogyny, bigotry, racism, phobias of all ilk for the past 18 months - they do not get kid gloves now that they, and their willful, PRIDEFUL ignorance, have hurt us all.

They laugh in the face of empathy, compromise - they view them as weaknesses. They finally need met on their own playing field, and made to be fully accountable for what they have wrought.

This is the best synopsis of the past year that I have read: WELL DONE!

I agree with most of what you say... but I think Trumpers would be incensed by it, and it would be unreadable for them, in large part because of your vitriolic language.

If you would cut down the nastiness, and stick to the facts, it would be a much stronger, and sharable, essay.

Do that, and I'll bet it would be shared a lot, and your 'sermon' might be read by people other than 'the choir.'

Eh, this type of rant is cathartic, but ultimately counterproductive. Believe it or not there are Trump voters who are able to be persuaded that they made a mistake,but stiff like this will just make them double down.
Please note, I'm not referring to the deplorables, fuck them, I've got a present for each, a jhp at 1100 fps.
But there's lots of folks out there who voted R because they've swallowed the GOP lies about Hillary for the last 30 years and despite not liking Trump, still felt that anyone or anything was better than her. This isn't rational thinking, it's a visceral loathing trained into them by hate radio and Fox agitprop.but they are reachable.

Brilliantly put, and I agree with the comment posted by Monica Maye | (Monday, March 20, 2017 at 12:15 PM) that the one correction is, we'll have to muster up our compassion for the 62 million in order to strengthen our country and be better able to overcome all of this.

That said, I'm all for it. But I plan to let them wallow in the consequences for a while before I open my arms to them. They must learn, and sometimes, the only way to learn is through suffering the pain of the consequences they've brought upon themselves. Which they are hopefully already experiencing, because I'd like to expedite the process so that WE don't have to undeservingly experience the pain of their poor choices for very long.

LINDA SHARP..Thank you..you said all and said it well..please get your message out to the republicans..They claim that they are not all racists and haters.. just fools..many can be reached..we can make a difference 2018..2020..Keep up the good rant..

TRUMP won ONLY BY 77 VOTES! He was handed the election by the GOP Electoral voters who claimed they would vote GOP before the CANDIDATE WAS EVEN KNOWN!The GOP is controlled by corporations. The DEMS are, too, to a lesser degree (hence the greater amt of money in the GOP)
Insider trading is legal for our 'so-called' representatives. We are in a heap o trouble on ALL SIDES.

Hallelujah, praise Jeebus. You got it all in one.

it's sad that staunch Trump supporters will never admit that they were wrong. They will just search for a way to turn it around and blame someone else!

I am a Canadian, with many American friends. I also belong to the LGBTQ family. I have gone to the States 2 to 3 times a year, to visit people and places. I am not planning a visit any time soon. I do not want to be interrogated by your Border Guards and I refuse to think that I cannot take my personal device with me without deleting information on it, for fear of disclosing my pass words. Our First Nations peoples are turned away by US Border Guards who tell them they have to have DNA proof they are FN. (They take their status card BECAUSE they are brown). Our Girl Guides are cancelling trips to USA because they are a very diverse group. I am supposing that tourist locations and attractions will be hurting. So Sad!

I agreed with every word you spoke! You are so right! Thank you!

Tracey from NH, Putting the blame on the DNC is misplaced. The blame should be on the 80 million voters that stayed home and didn't vote.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful summation! Very well stated. Thank you so much!

WoW...That was right on the money. What will it take for people to just admit when they are wrong? Will Trump ever take responibility for his own actions or just blame someone else, hell he even threw FOX news under the bus about the wiretapping and blamed them for his own tweets!!!

I don't disagree with anything you have written but I do feel that the true Trumpers you are targeting are only the tip of the iceberg that sank the 2016 election.
Of the 62 million who voted for Trump, only the crazies and racists sticking above the water (and all over the media and packing his rallies)are brilliantly sliced and diced in this article/blog.
There were so many others.
People who voted for Obama, twice.
People who could not vote for Clinton.
People who, who, who....
What about all of them?
Yes, we can be - are - appalled by the awful people who support this awful man and helped make him our president.
But, as you and many commenters point out, they are not going to change their minds.
But what about all the others who voted for him?
Why THEY voted for this man deserves attention. To write all of them off as crazies and racists is just as wrong as writing off anyone who didn't vote for Obama as a racist. It's simply not true.
But what is the truth?
Our country needs to look at this and work on FIXING it: in ourselves, in each other, and in our political parties and political process.

Nailed it!

Except for one thing: we are all going to have to link arms and get our compassion on with the Other 62 Million if this nation is truly going to be great again.

Yes yes and YES! All the things I want to say but haven't had to guts to put on paper.

Wow! Thank you. Spot on. Seriously great.

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