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Thursday, March 16, 2017


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Sad,both parties are to blame by supporting both of these individuals. The Republican Party had three good people to chose from but they might not have been white enough. The (R) party has been taken over by the NRA,Tea Party Religious extremists and a number of sub groups. Canada had the same problem in terms choosing the lesser of two evils. We chose a Muslim convert with nice hair. Religion is not allowed in schools for good reason. Now we must allow Islamic pray room and it will be an offence to express over this or anything that relates to Islam. It won't be long before Trudeau allows Islamic family courts, no go zones,Religious Police patrols.

It will take a revolution to change the course the Trump government is on. As a Canadian (thank goodness) I sympathize with you but the fallout from this debacle with be felt over the entire planet.

Damn, how did you get into my head? Rage on, Resist on!

I share your anger.

Big time.

Also angry at those who couldn't bother to vote, or who decided that Gary Johnson was an excellent pick, thus wasting their vote.


Right on!

While amusing, the article is hardly persuasive. Trump voters voted him in despite his racist misogynistic tendencies because they wanted job security and higher wages and felt that his isolationist policies were more likely to bring them. They voted for him because they were frustrated by the increasing complexity of health care and believed his claims that he would provide a simple solution. They voted for him (and Sanders) as an anti-establishment candidate because the government had left them behind to focus on minorities only to see these programs disproportionately benefit middle class minorities leaving white and minority poor no better off. Yes there are some that are well described by this article, but there are many that fit the narrative I've written - and these are the one we can persuade, but not through ridicule. And for the record - I have to plead guilty of overlooking the president's misogynistic tendencies in favor of his policies by supporting Clinton despite his assaulting Flowers and having sex with a Whitehouse intern.

A friend posted this on Facebook and I was less than nice about the replies supporting Trump, I'll admit.... but this says it all... one reply to me when I mentioned I am on the ACA exchange and this is life or death for me... was: "if you are on Obamacare too fucking bad. You are not worth saving." That's the kind of people we are dealing with.

They are too stupid to understand what they have done and I agree with all of the above. I doubt they would have the attention span to read it all. When I saw the college kids on the beach yesterday yelling" build the wall". I wonder how they will feel when their parents loose their insurance and can't continue to pay for their college. Better call Trump and ask him. You have been warned. People used to want to come to American, but not now. He knows his actions may kill millions and make children starve, and the sick sicker, but don't miss that golf game! I could look to the sky like they did in the Superman movie and wait for President Obama to come rescue us, but no help is on the way this time. SAD.

Do what feels right for you. As I have stated, there are no "good" Trump voters. If they voted for him, they voted for ALL of it - the racism, the hate, the bigotry, and they indicated that it is per