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Thursday, March 16, 2017


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Sad,both parties are to blame by supporting both of these individuals. The Republican Party had three good people to chose from but they might not have been white enough. The (R) party has been taken over by the NRA,Tea Party Religious extremists and a number of sub groups. Canada had the same problem in terms choosing the lesser of two evils. We chose a Muslim convert with nice hair. Religion is not allowed in schools for good reason. Now we must allow Islamic pray room and it will be an offence to express over this or anything that relates to Islam. It won't be long before Trudeau allows Islamic family courts, no go zones,Religious Police patrols.

It will take a revolution to change the course the Trump government is on. As a Canadian (thank goodness) I sympathize with you but the fallout from this debacle with be felt over the entire planet.

Damn, how did you get into my head? Rage on, Resist on!

I share your anger.

Big time.

Also angry at those who couldn't bother to vote, or who decided that Gary Johnson was an excellent pick, thus wasting their vote.


Right on!

While amusing, the article is hardly persuasive. Trump voters voted him in despite his racist misogynistic tendencies because they wanted job security and higher wages and felt that his isolationist policies were more likely to bring them. They voted for him because they were frustrated by the increasing complexity of health care and believed his claims that he would provide a simple solution. They voted for him (and Sanders) as an anti-establishment candidate because the government had left them behind to focus on minorities only to see these programs disproportionately benefit middle class minorities leaving white and minority poor no better off. Yes there are some that are well described by this article, but there are many that fit the narrative I've written - and these are the one we can persuade, but not through ridicule. And for the record - I have to plead guilty of overlooking the president's misogynistic tendencies in favor of his policies by supporting Clinton despite his assaulting Flowers and having sex with a Whitehouse intern.

A friend posted this on Facebook and I was less than nice about the replies supporting Trump, I'll admit.... but this says it all... one reply to me when I mentioned I am on the ACA exchange and this is life or death for me... was: "if you are on Obamacare too fucking bad. You are not worth saving." That's the kind of people we are dealing with.

They are too stupid to understand what they have done and I agree with all of the above. I doubt they would have the attention span to read it all. When I saw the college kids on the beach yesterday yelling" build the wall". I wonder how they will feel when their parents loose their insurance and can't continue to pay for their college. Better call Trump and ask him. You have been warned. People used to want to come to American, but not now. He knows his actions may kill millions and make children starve, and the sick sicker, but don't miss that golf game! I could look to the sky like they did in the Superman movie and wait for President Obama to come rescue us, but no help is on the way this time. SAD.

Do what feels right for you. As I have stated, there are no "good" Trump voters. If they voted for him, they voted for ALL of it - the racism, the hate, the bigotry, and they indicated that it is perfectly fine with them that millions of innocent people get hurt as long as they are not one of them.

Kid gloves are off. They now get what they give.

it's unfortunate that so many insults are intertwined with very real and valid points in this article. I agree with the talking points, but people who need to see this won't read very far until they are insulted and thus, closing the document. I know people who voted for Trump, and some are as described in this post, but others are not, and if I have any hope of them realizing their mistakes, I need to refrain from name-calling. I know, it's hard, but that's what I've chosen to do. I have no problem saying things about Trump and his band of fools, but the people duped into voting for him, I won't do that...

Thank you!

There is an Elephant in the room that the Trump voters don't want to talk about. They don't want to admit they were completely wrong about him. Now we are all in the same boat. We are on the Titanic and the Trump captain is steering the boat toward the rocky shoreline. The band still plays and people don't accept it, but it's crashing. People will die without health care. People will suffer without food. Kids won't get educated. But the CEO's will build more boats and pocket all the money...laughing as you go down. I hope you all have lots of money. If you don't, we'll see ya.

So spot on. Please..... Scream loud and often. He is destroying our country.

All I see here is Up or down with Trump, or Up or down with Clinton (and one mention of Sanders). What will it take for everyone to realize that we do not get to vote for our government officials. We only get to choose between the few who are allowed by other groups to be placed in the running. There are those that say that non-voters have no right to complain, and that it is the fault of the non-voters that a particular candidate won or lost. Non-voters have just as much right to complain about the government as voters do. Maybe more so. For me the act of not voting was because I could not see any of the final candidates in the election worthy of running this country. I understand the politics of politics and am not going to be swayed by the what others think I should believe about one candidate or another. I use my own will and my own thoughts to determine whom I believe has the best chance to move this country and it's people (all of it's people) forward. Forward financially, educationally, spirituality and humanely but as my father used to say "The lessor of two evils...is still evil." It is sad to believe that of all the that could be accomplished by coming together as a people the best we could come up with was Trump or Hillary.

Thank you for expressing what I have been feeling. However, there is one flaw that is key in making this have meaning to those who need to hear the message. You say "Seriously, the mental gymnastics you must be doing to be cool with that are worthy of a Simone Biles gold." Do you really think the mental capacity is even there to DO these mental gymnastics? Can they understand the problem they have created? If they could comprehend, then it would be easy to admit their error. Alas, I'm not sure they can.

We should not say bad things about the ordinary people who voted for Trump. We should not spend our time howling at Trumps latest remarks.

What we, the ordinary people, should be advocating for what we see as important. Clearly the problem in the last election was the economy was not front and center, where it needs to be.

Let me explain. Ordinary folk get it, we want a government that is committed to healthcare, housing, nourishment, education and security as a right for all citizens.

Today not one party offers to fight for these rights. So, instead of knocking Trump and his followers we need to focus on the future with a solution for achieving these rights.

Don't fight each other! Fight for your rights!

Great piece. At this point, it is only a matter of time before folks start seeing the light. The denser craniums may hold out longer, but it really is just a matter of time.

Too bad no one who needs to will read this great summation of the dark shithole we're in, nor could they understand it. Except maybe the non-voters, to whom your piece was not addressed. How do you sit out any presidential election, let alone one as ominous as this one? They should be ashamed.

While we preach to the choir, and SO WELL, the Trumpies are hard pressed to admit that they were conned big time by a charmless shill. How can we help them save what little pride they have left.

I largely agree, but you talk as if Hillary would have been in the trenches serving the People. Get real. She's a Washington/Wallstreet elite just like Drumpf and was even a friend of his at one point. The photos of them schmoozing back in the day are all over the internet.

The 2-party system is a failure. We only get a change of party every 8 years, and it happens regardless of who wins the popular vote. Doesn't that bother you? Does it trouble you that a "commission" made up of Republicans and Democrats decides who will be allowed to participate in the televised presidential debates? Does what happened to Bernie Sanders disturb you at all? His approval ratings prove he could've EASILY beaten Trump, who stole much of his platform and rhetoric from Sanders in the first place.

But no. Every 4 years like clockwork, you default to choosing between bad and evil in the voting booth, and then defending the winner like you're on their payroll (if it's YOUR party that wins). If not, you get all huffy and spend 4-8 years pointing out every single flaw in "the other guy" and bickering online as if your opinion means anything to these elitist bastards. Don't you get that you're a piss ant to the likes of Trump and Clinton? They're both above the law and have privileges most of us will never taste, yet you talk like you know them on a personal level. (Not just you, OP. Practically everyone does this).

TL;DR - Trump sucks every bit as much as we thought he would. He should be held accountable when he breaks the law or fails to represent the best interests of the American people who are now financing his lavish lifestyle. But we paid for Obama and Clinton's golf trips and fancy housing too. They also signed bills like the Patriot Act and 3 Strikes Law, which stomped all over the rights of the very people who put them in office. Implying that Hillary or any other establishment Democrat is the antidote to Trump's madness only shows your bias and discredits your other well-made points.

Think outside the box, FFS! We're one of the only first-world nations that has only 2 viable presidential candidates to choose from. It's high time that changed.

Thank you for putting our thoughts and fears out their So succinctly. We are living a nightmare

March 22; 2017


Popular vote loser, Donald J. "Blowhard - Loudmouth Bully - I have a plan" Trump has been sworn in and now as a "so-called president" has started running the country into the ground.
(and is robbing "YOU The People" blind in the process)

Popular vote loser Donald J. "Blowhard - Loudmouth Bully - I have a plan" Trump as a "so-called president"and his administration will, if it completes a full term, do more damage than can be repaired in several decades thereafter!

Popular vote loser Donald J. "Blowhard - Loudmouth Bully - I have a plan" Trump, "the so-called president" hasn’t pivoted, matured, whatever term you prefer. He’s still the insecure, short-attention-span egomaniac he always was.

The Trump-Pence administration will be unprecedented in its corruption, but also completely unprepared to govern.

Popular vote loser, Donald J. "Blowhard - Loudmouth Bully - I have a plan" Trump is a serial liar and a traitor who is putting his business interests ahead of the best interests of the American people. Not only should he be impeached, his entire administration should be removed.

Popular vote loser, Donald J. "Blowhard - Loudmouth Bully - I have a plan" Trump is not only corrupt and an idiot, HE IS TOTALLY INCOMPETENT!!

[All those that say "Let's see what happens" and/or "Give him a chance", I wonder if you'd say the same about a kid with a box of matches walking into a fireworks factory.]

#DumpTheTrump, the #SoCalledPresident, and his VP #PenceThePutz as well as #DonTheCon -s sidekick #BANBannon #KellyAnneConjob #DitchMitch

[Popular vote loser, Donald J. "Blowhard - Loudmouth Bully - I have a plan" Trump is a tax criminal, a sexual predator and a fraudulent entrepreneur]

Spot on!

I understand the 99% is hurting and desperate for change, and I really want to empathize with Trump supporters, BUT at some point THEY are the problem.
So, remember THEY will still be here when this POS is impeached! That's why we can not rest until there's real change. Overturn Citizen's United and more Women and POC in office.
None of this means anything if we don't vote in 2018!!!!
#Resist #Persist #WeThePeople

Trump continues with his Mussolini Act holding rallies, that uplift few and frighten many, across the USA even though the election is long since over. But why?

Every time Trump opens his mouth, with his unique manner & style he seems to unable but to remind 60% of the country that it is beyond an embarrassment that such a shameless, unintelligible, nonsensical, sociopathic, ignoramus with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder & a Mussolini Complex continues to be the leader of this country.

Trump is absolutely and proudly unapologetic about his barren intellect and clear lack of gravitas for a man holding the position that he currently holds. So far that hasn't seemed to concern his base. But he might be wise to LEARN MORE & SPEAK LESS......and maybe stop perpetually seeking the adoration of screaming crowds to stroke his ego. But he won't; even though the election is over. In time, however, unless he delivers on his over promises, his lack of sophistication and gravitas of a True Leader may matter far more to even them.

Here is the thing.......even buffoons with an open mind have the possibility of gaining wisdom and enlightenment to perhaps someday see beyond their own limited intellect and imagination. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for this "Short Fingered Vulgarian". Trump, time after time, literally continues to double down on the Idiocy while remaining all wrapped up in himself while America pays the price for being forced to deal with Trump indulging in him in being Trump.

My son is transgender and squarely in the crosshairs of this "Christian" administration, so spare me the sanctimony.

I am not reaching out to, nor trying to understand racists, bigots, Islamophobes, misogynists, or those who cling to willful, PRIDEFUL ignorance like it is some badge of honor.

All the name calling, demeaning of your fellow Americans,and continuance to put words in mouth of of those who disagreed with who you voted for. Not one of of us are perfect, and not one of us can read minds. Why do we publish conjecture and inurndo? Christians have been taught to judge not, less they be judged, and to love others as they love them self, be they evil or good. Seems to me "we the people need to let God handle judging people, and we need to focus on the real issues that cause famine, poor health care, and the breakdown of family values. It is time to focus on improving our listening skills, our background knowledge of what is causing the famine, loss of health care, and lack respect and acceptance of family values, and then without malice and contempt work without ego or alternative motives, to gain consensus on solutions.

Sadly, until we reach a point where additional parties have enough support, voting third-party is the equivalent of throwing a vote away, or in this case, handing the election to a reprobate like Donald Trump.

First of all, There. Are. MORE. Than. 2. Political. Parties. In. This. Country. We did have MORE than just 2 choices!!!! And if anyone says something about voting 3rd party is throwing away your vote, remember that is a LIE perpetrated by the major parties to scare you into voting for them!! If EVERYONE had said, "There is NO choice here; I'm voting Independent or Freedom or Constitution party, maybe we would have a REAL democracy! Also, I rankle when I hear or read that he was "elected". In my opinion, he was appointed, NOT elected by popular vote.

You voted for Donald because you didn't like Hillary? Then you are a big part of the problem. Because you followed all of the fake news and Trump's lies and bullshit. Anyone who voted AGAINST Hillary because of all of the witch hunts that the Republicans have put her through is part of the problem. I hope that Trump and Putin both personally fuck you in the ass, because you deserve this shit.

Welcome to 'monetary darwinism'...the survival of the wealthiest

Electing one black man did not magically erase racism.

I wonder when people will finally acknowledge how badly Hillary blew her campaign despite running against an orangutan.Instead of blaming racists and the mentally disadvantaged for Trumps victory maybe it's time to look at the Clinton campaign to see what went so very wrong. If america is so racist how did Obama stay in office for two terms?

Thank you so much for your honest response. Much appreciated.

Problem is this: "the greatness of a leader is taking a diverse group and making them move together in the same direction."

Trump is not now, nor has he ever been, a "great leader."

I know this will not get approved but those who voted for Trump are as dense at those who voted for Hillary. I could take your complete article and spin it in the opposite direction. I did not vote for Obama but I did respect him and his office. What is amazing is how photos are taken of very poor taste signs, shirts by morons and this gets stereotyped as all those who voted for Trump. I voted for Trump because I did not want Hillary in office. If Bernie Sanders had won the primary, I would have voted for him. You have very valid points. If Hillary had won, my life would not have changed for the good or the bad. I struggle day to day just to make ends meet like most Americans. Politics in general, is out of control and America is moving to a third world country mentality where the rich get richer and more and more people are dependent on government assistance. Note I did not say handouts but there are those who are too lazy to work and work the system. The middle class is shrinking and anytime that happens it affects most of the population of that country negatively. Not the rich because they are shielded from it. Keeping posting, enjoyed your comments and agreed with many of them. I have conservative values but I respect all those who have opinions even those who do not match mine. Keep doing what your doing but the greatness of a leader is taking a diverse group and making them move together in the same direction. That is not happening now and I am not sure the last time it happened, maybe with Kennedy and Truman who were both democrats.

All good jokes have a punchline, I was waiting for one, but it didn't come. The total omission of any mention of the other candidate's attributes (not references to allegation) was deafening. A very well written article.

Perhaps a bit of context & material documentation for allegations enmeshed in the fabric of polemics, with an occasional fact would have yielded a touch of credibility!

Were polemics not the only ingredient of consequence, to the exclusion of substance, refutation might have been justified.


That is one of the best definitions of the future horrors we all are now most assuredly facing at the hands of the boy emperor that has been elected into office. Very well written. I'm looking forward to reading the next piece.

I have a line to add to one paragraph: (with your approval- great piece, btw, will share widely) "You cheered as he targeted Muslims. Because you aren't one. You applauded as he targeted the LGBT. Because you aren't one. You proudly wore your MAGA hats as he targeted Mexicans. Because you aren't one. You laughed as he constantly went after minorities (pssst, brown people). Because you are not one. You clapped like a deranged seal as he repeatedly took aim at Black Lives Matter supporters. Because you are not one. You blew off his obvious ridiculing of a disabled reporters. Because you are not disabled. AND IF YOU ARE ANY OF THOSE MENTIONED, AND STILL VOTED FOR TRUMP, ALL I CAN SUGGEST IS THAT YOU ARE ONE SICK SAD INDIVIDUAL, AND DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT."

I do not have enough thumbs to hold up for this fine rant.

such a complete tirade of the truth. let's get more angry and mobilize.i love that you call him a grifter. what a great word to embody such a thief and phony person

This article is what I've been looking for. The amount of despicable things this man has done is enough that not one single common-sensed person should have voted for him. Trump Voters are either racist idiots or allow racist idiots to have power in our lives. If these people don't realize they made a mistake in voting for Trump, they believe his lies and there is no hope for them. They should see things with an open mind and they will be convinced they screwed up!

Thank you !

Education - that's the only way to make democracy work. Support education in every form, support it in every way you can, take every tiny victory and add it to the whole, and in a generation or two you might have a public that can think well enough to be immune to this kind of insanity.

To those of you who object to "vitriol" and those of you who somehow believe that if one is "vitriolic" or "angry" and "venting, that these people (of which I am one) are not actually taking action on their anger and vitriol. One can "vent" and "act", the two actions are not mutually exclusive. I could argue that those of you who whine that people who are "venting" and "vitriolic" are also not taking positive action. Whining is just whining. Are you acting? Are you making phone calls, choosing candidates to replace the asswipes that you and your fellow citizens allowed (and in some cases you actually voted for) be elected? Did you mail your damned post cards? Are you tweeting at the "real" 45 so that he knows you exist? I doubt it seriously because if you did, you'd have a target on YOUR back just the way that so many others who have taken action do.

WE have to use OUR free speech NOW because soon, if these fascists get their way, WE.WON'T.HAVE.IT.

Here's a little Checklist for you... step through it and see where we are...

Ten Steps to Closing Down an Open Society ~Naomi Wolf
1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy: Generic Terrorists, Muslims, Mexicans, anyone who has visited a Muslim country, anyone who has said something negative about 45)
2. Create a gulag system: Maintain Guantanamo, private/corporate prison system, border detention centers
3. Develop a thug caste: Blackwater, AKA XE Services, AKA Academi, and now under an umbrella corp Constellis Holdings, Inc (Board of Directors include John Ashcroft & Bobby Inman) … there are others
4. Set up an internal surveillance system: “If you see something, say something” --- you know the rest, don’t believe they aren’t watching or listening because “you” aren’t the bad guy. They’ll get around to you, and if they don’t your neighbor with the Confederate flag will.
5. Harass citizens’ groups: Daily there are examples in the news. Watch for it. You’ll find it. They are coming for the 1st amendment. State legislatures are attempting to pass laws to prosecute anyone participating in public protest.
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release: Several scientists and other academics, Muhammad Ali Jr: these have happened at border crossings in particular
7. Target key individuals (see #6)
8. Control the press: The constant call of “Fake News” by 45 and his cronies. Several legitimate news organizations have been thrown out of press briefings. During the campaign, the “penning” of reporters, the “calling out” of reporters
9. Dissent equals treason: 45’s base and some Faux and other right-wing commentators have espoused the belief that anyone who doesn’t agree with 45 is a traitor. Further some have suggested execution.
10. Suspend the rule of law: Not quite here yet… just a matter of time.

VENT AND RESIST. I love this piece.

I agree with almost everything you wrote. I've written the same things myself. However, I have modified my feelings toward the people who voted for Trump in that I do feel sort of sorry for them (and especially their underage children). Yes, they brought this on themselves and I truly wish the rest of them didn't have to suffer because of their hatred and bigotry or ONE issue voting practices - but I do feel sorry for them anyway.

Sorry, but you voted with and for ALL of it.

People ARE mobilized as never before. "Venting" does not preclude action.

Yes, and Obama did not give the go ahead because it was deemed not prudent. The risk/success ratio was not there.

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