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Monday, March 20, 2017


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This is a powerful post. Kindly keep sharing with us

Great and powerful words, thanks for sharing

Well said. Every word has an impact to the audience and one must watch before uttering words. The power and art of communication should be respected.

keep it up

Hello from NM. Your page every day gives me hope.I voted for Hillary the sane smart one. I am horrified at people that voted for the orange man?
Your words so elegant and to the point help me cope and give me hope for a better day.I am a good friend of Robin Holbrook who put me on to your web site. Faithful follower i am.
Sara Tucker

To antagonize 65 million people is the way civil wars are begun. How can we get the people who support the Orange Cheetoh to realize that by holding on to more humane perspectives they will actually improve THEIR quality of life?

I found you threw one of my Facebook friends. You are very talented, with a brilliant mind and a heart of gold. I love your style of writing. The accuracy and attacks are razor sharp. Thanks for all you do.

Well, Linda, you really rattled some cages. The comments on your last article were all over the place, especially by the Trump supporters. Words do matter. I have often though you should have a syndicated column in the papers.

I highly appreciate your words. They helped me tremendously with your facts, clarity and Validation of my own feelings. As you referred to those words above, I want to throw them back at ya, for your own validation & appreciation. I'M certain thou hast helped many more than just me, & I'm so thankful that Something/one got you started:)!!!

338 million Americans (based on 2010 308mil census w/ ave 9.5% annual increase) less the 127mil who voted leaves roughly 211million Americans who also voted for the Republican Administration by proxy. By abstaining they also implicitly supported the basic belief half of us are less equal and so deserving of less. The idea the abstainers may have unintentionally supported repression of civil liberties only because Republicans won is false because lack of a vote against such obvious hatred exclusion and aggression is a vote for it.

Thank you so much for your words. Keep talking, validation is motivating. Your words generate energy to keep hope alive. I agree that Strumpets (Supporters of Trump) will suffer the consequences of their actions & that will suffice to change their words & actions. Words from Tich Naht Hahn: "Hostility cannot stop hostility", and Ghandi "Be the change you want to see",feel to me like the best guides to my actions & the most effective way to be able to come to Live the change I want to see. Our Statue of Liberty, though now her tears are flowing, embodies the core American values. We have to stop those tears.

Humanity. Yes, this isn't about politics anymore. Humanity is at stake. And that's why I continue to speak out despite the fact that they continue to try to intimidate me. Thank you for sharing your words, they are powerful and sincere. I'm happy to hear that people are sharing your work, you deserve it and people need to read it.

I didn't vote for Trump since I adhere to strict Constitutional policies. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. Year after year a read and watch the same diatribe from bloggists and commenters, and before that in the Op-Ed section of the newspaper. It didn't matter who was voted into office, there was a very intelligent and proficient writer putting down the words so eloquently that I always felt like standing and cheering at the end. This, and especially your previous writing, are perfect examples of this. You're very compelling to read. And humorous, too. You write with passion and sincerity. So much like all the others that hold to their beliefs every bit as much as you do.
The fact remains that our government has strayed so far from its Constitutional values, I don't know that it can be saved. It certainly can't with either of the two major parties controlling it. They're both after the same thing, and they only tell us what we need to hear to vote for them. Behind closed doors, they run this Country with a completely different objective. If we start asking too many questions, all of a sudden there's a major news story or crisis somewhere to divert our attention. How many promises has any President kept by the end of his term? Meaningful, long-lasting changes? You can bet that for most actions by a President, or by our Government in general, there's a motive behind that's not clear to us. It's been far too long since our government has worked for us.
I encourage everyone to thoroughly read our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and make an attempt to understand what they actually mean to us as individuals, as States, and as a Country. I'm not a Constitutional scholar, just an everyday person. I know enough to understand that we've lost our way, that we've given up liberty for security, and that road keeps rolling downhill into a pit. It's the same for so many other rights we have, but have turned over to the government because we been led to believe we're not trustworthy enough to take care of ourselves. Now, we don't believe we have those rights, but we do. When questioned by authorities, when given new laws, when told you have to abide by new rules, we've been conditioned to go along, because our government will take care of us. It doesn't matter who is in charge, your government will fail you. And the media, yes even your entertaining bloggers, are there to make sure you stay the course.

I continue to be ashamed and feel sorry for my family members that still support the liar in chief. Thank you for your words. They're right on.

Sitting here in Canada but completely agree with everything you said, both today and yesterday! Never in a million years did I think Americans would allow him to win! Sadly my son did. Humanity has to win or else there is nothing!

It was posted on the Keith Olbermann fan page in facebook!

Our little "family" continues to grow and we are finding people like us from all walks of life thanks to your words Linda.
Thank you. Keep on doing what you do, and we will keep holding out hope that the orange one will get his sooner, rather than later.

Thank you and PLEASE keep sharing your words! They are always powerful ❤

Nailed it.


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