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Sunday, February 12, 2017


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I have never understood the whole clutching of pearls at the LGBTQIA community. We have one young woman who came out two years ago. SHe is still the same pain in the ass she always was and most of us love her the same. Her parents are still being ridiculous about it and her girlfriend who is lovely. If she were a boyfriend they would be over the moon about her. It makes no sense. I am glad that Toby has supportive family. It is sad that so many have been tossed aside by theirs. No one chooses to be LGBT. As one of my friends put it "Who would choose to be discrimintaed against, have to fight for their rights, be denied housing,be bullied, and maybe lose your family? Who would CHOOSE such a life?" But this logic goes nowhere with certain people. And so we are left to individually show compassion and speak up until the haters are drowned out once and for all.

I have followed you and your family for years. I've often wished that you were my mother. My respect and hopes for you and your family knows no bounds. You are my shining light in the BS that is going on in our country right now. If what you do is failure, then count me as a failure also! Stay strong.

You think and write what a lot of people would like to say to the intolerant among the people of our world, Lyn. As always proud of you AND our grandson, Toby. Mom

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