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Thursday, February 23, 2017


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Your party embraces "alternative facts". Watch the stones you throw from inside your glass house.

Why are you liberals so mentally weak? I wish I could have an honest discussion with you guys but it's always about feelings and not facts with you guys. That is why Trump won, you guys need to toughen the hell up.

As tough as these kids have it on a day to day basis, it sickens me that the government is making it even more difficult.

I feel Gavin will be successful. What guts he has at a tender age to say "This is not right and I won't have it." I hope all the Gavins and Tobys and Melissas of the world will be safe and okay. They are just people like everyone else. Not sure why this is so hard for people to get through their thick heads.

Tears 😢
Another day with this fucked up administration!

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