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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


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I voted for Bernie but am perfectly okay with Hillary and will vote for her in November. I am scared of Trump and his minions because I know the havoc the thoughtless can wreak.

I too voted for Bernie and will vote for Hillary. What I don't understand is the Bernie supporters who are still being so vocal even AFTER Bernie himself endorsed Hillary and recommended that his followers vote for her too. How big a baby do you have to be? That's the embodiment of the phrase, "Bite off your nose to spite your face"!

I love everything you wrote, but this? This is GOLD.

You vote democrat because you are human and to do anything else is just not right.

I voted for Bernie. I will vote for Hillary in November. I cannot, will not, accept a Trump presidency. I don't understand how Trump stayed viable as a candidate long enough to win the nomination. I seriously thought he was only in it to enhance the Trump 'brand'.

To me it is very simple. You vote republican, you are voting to exclude. You are voting to exclude anyone who is not white, protestant and from European background. You are voting for fear. Fear of the 'other'. And to them everyone who is not them is 'other'.

You vote democrat you're voting to include. Not easily, because the dems have as many asshats as the republicans; fear isn't exclusive to them at all, but easier. You are voting to face the fear and master it. You are voting inclusion and inclusion is what got most of us here.

You vote democrat, you are voting to make history. The kind of history we made 8 yrs ago when we elected a man of color, we will make when we elect a female. I sincerely hope that we do so and that she does not suffer the slings of the 'wah wah, whiners' party that our current president has.

You vote democrat, you are voting for adults who understand that politics are about compromise and work to get acceptable compromise. Not the people who've done nothing but complain and vote to overturn something that already is the law of the land. The same people who cost us over $27 trillion dollars when they decided to shut down the government and then had the gall to try and blame the other side.

You vote democrat for dignity, respect and honesty, honor and commitment to something other than a bank balance or corporation.

You vote democrat to take back the concept of patriotism which has been hijacked for way too long by people who NEVER, EVER served a day in the military they claim to love but consistently screw over to keep their contractor friends happy.

You vote democrat because you are human and to do anything else is just not right.

Very well said!!! I haven't been able to understand this position of either not voting at all, or voting for the third party candidate. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I'm with HER!

Exactly. I voted H in 2008. But she was not nominated. I voted President Obama and damned if he hasn't been the best President EVER despite the obstruction by GOP. ROLLIING STONES lyric says it perfectly.

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