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Thursday, July 07, 2016


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No more words for this type of sickening behavior. If these cops are not prosecuted, there is something even more wrong with the system than we even think. Watched "What Would You Do?" with John Quinones last night. They had a scenario with a white teen trying to steal a chained bicycle off a rack with a hack saw in broad daylight. He claimed he lost his key and was asking for help. Many people didn't think twice, and never asked if he was stealing it. When they switched to a black teen, EVERY SINGLE person said "no way", and many people snapped a photo or started a video. And of course when confronted and asked if it was because he was black, every single person said "absolutely not"...

God...you have just put into words what I've been feeling after watching so many of these tragic deaths happening. My tears flowed while reading what you wrote 😢 When will it end 💔

My heart is breaking, and I'm just so tired of it all. Why can't it stop?

This happened in my back yard. My heart hurts tonight for the family and friends of Phil Castile. He was a human being, just like you and me. He was killed because a racist cop thought that because his skin was a different color it made him a danger. He had a child and fiance in the car, he was in the backseat, he did not deserve to die. His child will, for the rest of his life be afraid of the man with the badge.

This man, with a badge, was paid to protect human life. (Good job on that). I think that until a judge and jury puts one of these people, who are paid to protect us, behind bars - that none of them will learn the lesson that the rest of us already know - that the color of someones skin does not define them. He needs to pay for his crime. (I hate that the media protects him by not releasing his name, but you can bet your ass if it would've been a black cop shooting a white man, this story would be so much different.)

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