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Friday, July 15, 2016


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The thing is we no longer know. If we go to the ballgame, to a busy shopping center, on the subway... can it be the last thing we ever do? We used to take it for granted that, barring car accidents, you would come and go safely. Now we have to teach kids what to do if a shooter shows up at school. How do we combat this stuff? I just don't know. Yes we can be kind to one another but how do we stop this worldwide madness?

When I heard this, the first thing I did was check my computer to see how far Nice was from Farnbourough, where the air show was going on this week. I have so many friends and work associates in France this week attending the show. It's far away, but I am still worried about them.
Then I started thinking about all the French people I have worked with over the last 19 years that have gone back to France after their time here. Are they okay, are their families okay? What about the people here now...are their loved once back in France ok?
I didn't sleep well last night, and came in to work to a few emails from those friends letting me know they were okay, their families are good.
It does hit harder when you know someone that could have been effected by it.
As far as doing something good for someone and not expecting anything back, I pay for the person behind me in line at lunchtime at least once a week, sometimes more. Once the person behind me had a huge order, apparently taking it back to the office, and the cashier asked me if I was sure. I said yes, go for it, they drew the lucky spot in line that day. Once it was a lady that had only spend about 2.50 and I thought maybe that was all she had, so I told them to add a dessert to the order for her.
I don't know what the solution is. I wish I did. I just hope we find it soon, before any more little ones are lying in the street, dead, because some idiot decided their life wasn't worth preserving.

if you don't mind, I'm going to copy and paste your response to Lori on FB. It's perfect.

Maybe we each need to do a random act of kindness without waiting/seeing/expecting a reaction. Just do something nice and walk on.

I get it. Thoughts and prayers are all well and good, but they change nothing. If, in fact, there is a God, and we are all afflicted with that damned free will, we must use it for more than closing our eyes and talking to the air around us. We MUST use it to reach out to one another. The answers are not above us, they are in front of us, the answers are within each other.

I'm in a weird spot this morning, and it's not because I never went to bed last night. Yeah, I've been awake all night. I'm in a weird spot because I keep seeing the same thing over and over again every time this shit happens.... "Pray for... whatever." Pray for France. Pray for Orlando. Pray for Dallas. Pray for Paris. Pray for Brussels. Pray for.... what, exactly? What are we praying for? I want to ask all these people, "What are you praying for?" Are they praying for God to fix something? Are they praying for Jesus or Buddha or Mohammed or whoever to ride down on a fluffy cloud with a big sword and take out the "bad guys"? And who ARE the bad guys? WHAT ARE WE PRAYING FOR?

Yeah, so... I'm in a weird spot right now. Feeling pretty damn hopeless, to be honest, and that's really not like me. I feel like God's sitting up there, looking at us, thinking, "Y'all fucked this shit up, not me. Y'all fix it. I'm done. Bye, Felicia."

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