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Saturday, June 13, 2015


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One of my son's friend "J" has a brother who came out as gay to his parents. Sadly his parents disowned him and kicked him out. "J" left home in solidarity and both brothers rented a place on their own. This while my "J" is still in college and working part-time. How can a person be your child all his life and overnight, with one statement, no longer be your child? Where does all the love and nurturing you have/had go? How can you simply switch it off? He is still the same person after the statement as he was 5 minutes earlier! I understand it is difficult for some parents to accept as per their upbringing, but as a parent myself, I just can't comprehend throwing your child out! God forbid that I be the cause of my child's unhappiness!

Absolutely beautiful!

Truth. Well said.

It is my hope and prayer that I see this acceptance in my lifetime. There are so many young people out there in desperate need of someone to accept them. Someone who cares enough to get them off the street, to talk to them about their worth. They need someone to let them know it's ok.

OUTSTANDING!!! The first and primary role for any parent is to love and fully support their child. Sad that this is even an issue and hopeful in the near future it won't be.

I work with a young lady that was brought up in a very religious home, as was her husband. She has an older brother that has never married, and she told me the other day that her brother told her he was gay, and that she is afraid he will never admit it to anyone else. Why? Because their parents would never accept it. I told her that she needs to let her brother know that she is there for him, and that she doesn't look at him any different. She said at first she didn't know what to say to him, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized he was still her brother, still the one that was always there when anyone picked on her, always there when she needed someone to talk to, and so now it was her turn to be the one that is strong.
I know she is afraid for him because of their family upbringing and because she knows what her parents will do and say. It sucks for him and for her because their parents would be more concerned about how this would make them look to their church than about their son getting to be himself.

Not a parent but the auntie of a brilliant nephew whose godfather is gay and whose parents espouse the notion that 'everybody's something.'. So if he is gay we may worry because things still aren't as they should be but we will all accept it and carry on. My cousin's 19 year old daughter just came out. Most of the family has accepted it with equanimity. Her dad is struggling but making progress. Her mother is beside herself. Her mother is a Latina and has a huge cultural bias to overcome. She is also military and we know the history of gays and the military. Eventually peace will return to the Valley, but I think her dad will keep hoping it's just a phase she is going through.

Bravo! I too cannot wrap my mind around a PARENT who can withhold love and acceptance from their child because of who that child loves. Absolutely makes no sense to me at all.

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