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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


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I took a cell phone picture once of this kid that not only dressed like, but looked exactly like "Bobby" from King of the Hill!

Am I the only one who has a smart phone and use it mostly for phone calls? Sure. I take photos of my dogs, but I've never taken a video of someone else without them knowing about it. I've only ever taken one selfie of myself - and that was the back of my hair! Most times I forget to grab my cell phone before I leave the house (and I would NEVER consider going back for it!) Am I really in the minority?

That being said, MY philosophy on the whole Edward Snowden thing - is that he is a criminal and a traitor to the US. I don't really care if the NSA is spying on my phone calls or emails or whatever - I feel like if you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. My safety and security against those who wish to do us harm is WAY more important to me than someone listening to me and my sister giggle about the latest exploits of my nieces. This is MY opinion, I am not trying to convince anyone that MY opinion is the right one or start an argument, it's just the way I feel.

Nikki you make a very good point. Sean and I didn't even take a video camera to Vietnam with us to adopt our youngest daughter for the simple reason we wanted to be able to live the moment, not watch it from behind the camera. I did take one to China when I adopted our oldest daughter, all 15 minutes of the 2 1/2 week trip are wondrful (lol). And the 2 minutes she's on camera are precious. Choosing to live rather than hide behind the lens of the camera is a much better choice.

What always shocks me are the people who film fights and even attacks but no one freaking helps or calls the cops. Also, I wonder how many people are recording life instead of living it.

Was just thinking about this very thing today when a lady in the grocery store rammed her car deliberately into the young boy in front of her. The boy's mother rightfully fussed at the culprit, who denied it and tried to say the boy tripped. I can NOT handle people picking on children, so I stepped up and said that not only had she done it on purpose, but if the mom wanted, the grocery store would have the incident on camera and I'm sure they'd let her review the footage before pressing charges. The first lady's tune changed with a quickness when I mentioned the cameras. People forget that cameras are around because they're so used to them now.
The running joke with my brothers is that one day I'll be my own video segment on People of Grocery Store for the sheer number of times I've tripped, stumbled, and almost knocked over displays.

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