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Thursday, June 11, 2015


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Makes you wonder doesn't it? How someone this stupid ever got to be a teacher in the first place.

Yeah, I caught that, too. Just shameful.

For the record, Craig Ranch is SPRAWLING. It is a HUGE planned community that contains everything from apartments, to retirement cottages to middle class homes to estates. The only area that is truly gated is the Estate portion.

Again, the place is massive. And it is a MELTING POT.

I love her hashtag use of "it was a gated community" which clearly means that she believes that a gated community is constructed to keep blacks or other undesirables out. Hey Lady, black people live in gated communities as well.

Amen Lori.

This whole McKinney thing is doing my head in. Calling out ONE police officer for unacceptable behavior does NOT indict every man and woman who wears a uniform. What blows my mind are the people who automatically jump to the defense of ANY law enforcement officer, regardless of circumstance, because they think to do otherwise would be disrespectful of all police officers. The exact opposite is true -- I have many friends in law enforcement and I'm sick of the renegades, racists, cowboys and murderers who are on the loose, armed, and wielding their power at will. For every one BAD officer, there are 2000+ GOOD officers. If you truly "Back the Blue," then you need to be one of the people standing up and screaming to the rafters when a BAD one is discovered.

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