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Thursday, June 11, 2015


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This couple is so dumb. They should know better that the government isn't going to make them happy over millions of other people. Like, "oh we can't legalize gay marriage to help so many of these couples because this ONE couple has a problem with it and will divorce." I wouldn't give a crap if they divorced at all honestly. Maybe they can do an online divorce or something with no lawyer. Make it easier on them. Thanks for sharing this story! Quite a read.

Not sure how them threatening to get a divorce stops Australia from legalizing gay marriage. If Ireland, a country so cowed by the Catholic church that they didn't allow divorce or contraception until fairly recently in the scheme of things can kick off the traces and move with the times then there is no excuse for the rest of us. Their divorce will do absolutely nothing but upset their children.

Too late. They already have kids.

It's getting better, it is. Every new generation is getting more tolerant, more colorblind, less judgemental. No one cares if these two get divorced. I say let them be the miserable people they are and hopefully if they get divorced, they won't procreate and spread their poison.

And now North Carolina's State legislature has overridden the governor's veto of a bill that allows persons who normally issue marriage licenses or perform marriages to "opt out" of so doing if it violates their "sincerely held" religious beliefs.
I'm not entirely certain some of those people allowed this "opt-out" might also sincerely hold religious beliefs against interracial marriage. What happens then?

First, how did this become "news" in the first place? Like your comment about it, WHO CARES? I am pretty certain if I said I was going to cut off my right arm if gays were allowed to legally marry, that it would not make a ripple in the news world. second, I can't stop looking at her scary face. It's almost like a charicature of a scary, religious cult-like wife!!!

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