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Friday, June 05, 2015


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Glad your friends survived. Around here you see lots of idiots on their cell phones. They also treat stop signs like suggestions and the left lane as if its is their own personal private road. People. Increasingly I understand the appeal of living in a cabin on a remote mountaintop.

The photos are horrendous - I can't believe they made it out alive!

Prayers to all who were involved. I hope the person who was looking for their phone is severely punished. If my phone is out, it's only because I'm using the directions feature, and then it's securely attached to my windshield and out of my reach. I do not answer the phone while driving. Ever.

This really hit home for me today. I was involved in a minor accident on April 15 while in heavy rush hour traffic by a young woman who was texting or reading something on her phone when she hit me. I had to stop suddenly due to the traffic in front of me and when I looked in my rear view mirror, I could see that the driver behind me wasn't looking at the road. I reported the accident to her insurance company, but learned yesterday via a letter from her insurer that they were not going to cover the damage to my car, because her version of the story was that I cut her off and she had no opportunity to stop. (She said vs. she said) She had, in fact a huge opportunity to stop, but she chose to lie. It's OK - I'm fine, my car is scratched up, but still operates, but I reported the accident because I thought it was important that her insurer and her parents were aware that she was texting while driving. This young woman was lucky this time. If she had hit a truck instead of me, she would no longer have a head. If she had hit a car with an infant in the backseat, that infant most certainly would have been in injured. Worse - yesterday I also learned that I lost a friend who was a passenger in a car when it was hit by someone who was texting while driving. I fear that the insurer of this young (lying)girl who declined my claim will unfortunately have many more premiums to pay out because they basically told this girl it was OK to drive while texting. Sorry to vent, but it's been a bad week.

No one died that I am aware of. I would certainly hope the driver of that van is in some sort of trouble.

I can't even imagine the fear they must have felt, knowing there was nothing they could do but brace themselves and hope everyone made it through.
I have told my daughters the same thing. Put the phone away. I have bluetooth in my car, and don't even like answering it, even though I don't really have to do anything but hit the button on the steering wheel.
SO glad that your friends made it through.
Did they ever say what happened to the missing driver.... did they survive?

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