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Thursday, May 21, 2015


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She swears he told her and her parents when they were courting. Stupid girl still married him and is popping out his kids.

It always comes out. You can't hide anything in this world. Josh always gave me the creeps. Just something about him. I wonder if he ever even mentioned any of this to Anna prior to their marriage. I bet he didn't. As for the reverend... his is a story that has been told a million times. Generally, the people who are loudest about "God's way" are usually the farthest from the path.

Do I think this kid was wrong? Absolutely....he was old enough to know better and that what he was doing was wrong, if for no other reason than what his parents probably preached at them all non-stop about sex, dating, touching, etc. BAD, BAD, BAD!

But a little part of me wonders if his parents' extreme issues with regard to sexuality are part of this. They parade around like sex is the best thing ever, practically teasing their children, and it's obvious that they're having sex 24/7, so it probably looks pretty attractive. At the same time, they're telling their kids BAD, BAD, BAD!

He was a 15 year old boy, with natural curiosity and urges, who maybe was not receiving any real parental advice on the subject. He's generally segregated from other kids his age. So instead of having a girlfriend, where some 15 year olds would start exploring their curiosities together, he starts looking at those at hand - his sisters or immediate relatives.

And the girls are taught to be subservient and submit to your husbands. You wonder if they were ever taught to have a voice, or that they were important, or just saw their oldest brother as just one more head of household to be subservient to. Were these girls ever taught that people might try to touch them inappropriately? Josh was 15 at the time, which makes the girls no older than 13, 12, 11 and 10 if it was the 4 oldest involved. Were they so segregated and young that their parents had never really discussed sex with them at those young ages, especially since the parents likely never thought it would be their son who did the touching.

There are conflicting stories about who told the parents - some say it was the girls, some say it was the girls after JB caught Josh. So they only confessed when asked, not because it was an issue they brought forward.

Josh was wrong, the parents handled it wrong, I feel very badly for all the young girls involved, and Josh's wife is crazy for getting involved with him. None of it is excusable in the least. However, some small part of me hopes that because he has young kids and young siblings who have already been exposed to him and apparently will continue to be, that he isn't what we might consider a career offender or pedophile, and this is behavior he has not continued or is inclined to continue.

Just musing out loud.

:starting the slow clap:

:moving on to the Amening with Lori in Texas:

Chicky, the girls did go to their "parents", who chose to ignore them in favor of their "blessed" male child. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This tree, Jim Bob, has always given me the creeps, I've thought for a long time he looked like a perv.

I love how you always cut to the core of what I'm thinking. Hypocrisy just pisses me off. It's too bad they can't lock him up for just being a hypocritical douchebag. Every single one them should be locked up - they are all accomplices to these horrible crimes. Even the daughters who were molested - by not speaking up, they put other little girls in danger - and in my eyes, that's a crime too.

*shouting AMEN from the back pew*

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