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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


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Besides the obvious Asshat mentality, it kind of rubs me the wrong way for another reason. I had a crisis, I was in imminent danger of being evicted from my house, and being on disability, not much chance of finding anything on 750$ a month. So my son suggested the website. We signed up, I wrote about our story, we were asking for about 1400$ total I believe, which would have either covered being able to stay in the old place, or being able to get the new place. So it sat there. I wrote my updates like it suggested friends and family pass it on, and ended up with 400$, of that 100$ was from my dad. And then, what they don't tell you, is that to get the money, you have to go through their "bank" which charges a 10% fee. And this guy has gotten over 10,000$ for something that was a result of deliberate actions on his part. No wondered things are the way they are. Screwed up priorities. It didn't turn out horrible, A friend is allowing my son and I live in a room in his garage while we try and find a place that we can find a way to both pay deposit and pay that first month's rent out of my check. My son manfully searches for work, but it's difficult with no transportation in this town. It's not like Chicago or NY, where public trans is a way of life, here it's for the desperate. Anyway, I wrote to rant about the gofundme thing, not whine about my situation. But I will say one more thing. I have health issues, the garage is not a'ced and I need a knee replacement for a knee that gets worse everyday, and can' get it here. The owner doesn't want a post op patient here. and my pain mgmnt doc hasn't done much of anything for my back, and won't touch the knee. So, I look forward to a great summer. If you all will just keep me in your thoughts and prayers, I would appreciate it. and if we could find ways to make sites like that work, that would be nice too. Thanks for letting me rant

Thanks Kathy - We are limited, Minnesota gave us three options - three different HMOs...no other choices. I'm very happy we have insurance, don't get me wrong...it just seems curious that providers can still deny me - something this whole thing was meant to avoid.

Oh yeah, and BTW Chicky - I can't believe people are still giving him money. I heard on "The Young Turks" Mr. Lang indeed is in foreclosure of his house. There was also a statement on the GFM site from another individual that said Mr. Lang was caught without auto insurance. So with all these financial issues coming his way, and one of the drs quoted as saying they can work with the $12K Mr. Lang has already received, I hope he will be using this windfall for his health, and not the other things. Not sure if he will need to pay taxes on this GFM money.IMO, since he has reached the minimum of his goal, I feel the donations should start dwindling down and him & his wife need to start doing realistic things - they can start to sell some of their things on ebay, she can get a job, etc, to start with.

Chicky - I noticed your last posts. Regarding "Obamacare" & having to use a "government facility" - yes, that is true depending on how the government (i.e. subsidized) contracts are established in each locality. So, for example, in Davenport, IA, you may be able to get all your visits and testing done at the local hospital, but in Galesburg, IL, you may have to go to several different places for dr appts and testing, all based on contractual insurance coverage. However, it may be possible to obtain private insurance through the ACA site - those are typically the ones without subsidies. Oftentimes, you may be able to tell the difference simply by name alone. If the insurance name has "choice" or "preferred", that often means subsidized, which then goes on to mean YOUR choices and preferences are limited. IMO, better to go with one of the plain insurance choices, i.e. Big 'Ol Insurance Co Bronze/Silver/Gold plan, either PPO or HMO. Remember, too, HMO are more limited than PPO's, but may or may not be as limited as some of the "government/subsidized" options. Of course, this all depends on 2 things - what is available in your area and if you can afford it. When I checked, my subsidy savings would have been $15.00 for the entire year. I did not feel that justified all the insurance limitations that would have put on me, especially as I do have some health issues. But that is why everyone has to try to work out what their needs are. Hopefully this helps a little.

...and the asshat is up to almost $18k

The one thing I bet the Prez didn't foresee is that now that I have Obama Care, I started to make some doctor appointments that I couldn't afford before...No problem on getting into see the Gyno or the Dermatologist, but when I went to make a mammo appointment and a eye appointment, I was told by around 50 different facilities that they did not accept government healthcare patients. I ended having to go the a "government facility" for those services. NO ONE wants to take us on as patients.

He can still get health insurance. All he needs to do is apply directly to a vendor, Blue Cross or whomever. It will cost him lots more but they can't reject him because of his health issues, either. Or, he can sell his car or take out a mortgage or refinance what he has or get a HELOC. Now if he was insured but destitute I might say, poor man. But he is nuts to think that he is owed donations.

What bothers me is the amount of money he's raked in from self-described liberals. Hello? Are they aware that they are doing exactly what right-wing conservatives suggest? The right-wing position is that government shouldn't get involved in health care, because charity is a safety net? If people want to help, their money is better spent on supporting candidates who will go to the mat for national health care, so NO ONE should ever have to set up a GoFundMe page to pay for medical bills. Luis Lang's campaign has gone viral because everyone wants to comment on the irony of his situation. That is no way for resources to be distributed. Meanwhile, people who had NO culpability in their problems get no viral attention. The true irony is that by donating to this man, people are undercutting the cause they profess to support.

John - you win the internets today. Must get that circulating!

Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, made a poster that sums up my feelings on this: http://fakeposters.com.s3.amazonaws.com/results/2015/05/14/ylxwhsz8vm.jpg

God, this was good! Reposting on FB right now!!

On Lang's GoFundMe site, there is a statement by someone named Terry James who says, "Being a republican has nothing to do with it. If he wasn't under foreclosure, (according to Lancaster County records), a second mortgage may have been possible. He chose not to purchase health care insurance, just as he chose to drive an uninsured vehicle in our county and was caught and charged."
Also, I noticed Lang has not been working since December, but states his current issues became severe, resulting in an ER visit in February. Things progressively worsened with a May 5 dr visit, likely prompting his contacting the media. Why wasn't he working between December and February?
These are all serious questions posed about this individual and his wife. Perhaps someone can clarify this. I am concerned about people giving away their hard earned money if there is more to this story that hasn't been told.

Hope you don't mind, but I had to copy and paste this on his GFM page - I can't believe he's over $15k now. People are so gullible. I want to knock every single one of them upside the head.

"A fool and his money are soon parted" Thanks to his missing deadlines, etc, by the time the next open season rolls around, he may even qualify under SC's limits on Medicare!

And the ultimate irony is, that once the next ACA sign up period comes available, should he so choose, he will be able to get coverage. And not be denied based on his pre-existing condition! Thanks Obama! (Not that he will see the irony in that. Or the value. Or my pun.)

I still remain dumbfounded by this. He and his wife are seriously living in a dream world if they believe that they can ignore every rule, miss every deadline, and blame everyone [except themselves] and still get preferential treatment. To quote a commercial, that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works! There are piles of dog poop in my yard with more sense than these two.

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