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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


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Once again, you say everything that I would have said, but better. Ditto times a million! They are crazy if they think those girls are not going to suffer for the rest of their lives. Molestation/rape is a murder of the soul, and the offender should be treated like a murderer in my eyes. Those parents and that boy disgust me. That is a crime that there is no coming back from.

He should be on the sex offenders registry. If some 18 year old boy can be on it for having sex with his 15 year old girlfriend who wanted to do it why isn't this sack of crap made to be on it. I understand that the statute of limitations is up but as he confessed that he is guilty of it anyway, why is this not happening? Will it? I am sorry for his victims and sorry for his children who will someday learn what daddy did. I would be sorry for his wife but she knew about it, married him anyway (since God forgave him and all) and then had children with him. TLC is talking about spinning off the two married Duggar girls. I have no issue with the other children making money via TV. the poor things are so under educated that I am not sure how they would make a decent living any other way. But I think Joshie and his amoral parents need to be banned from the set. It is an absolute horror to me that these two had girls that were molested by their son and did NOTHING about it. Counseling? They were probably told it was all their fault for being girls in the first place.

There should be no statute of limitations on crimes of child molestation, rape and murder! What a joke!

Linda, once again you have put down in writing what was going on in my head.
Thank you.

This family is DESPICABLE, and more amazing is that the counseling Josh received ( note, NOT one of his victims ever received "counseling") was from Bill Gothard who has been charged with 30 counts of sexual harassment. TLC if they have any moral backbone will cancel the Duggars once and forever, as they did Honey Booboo. the Duggars are highly cultish, they are quite disturbed on countless levels. and Mike Huckabee.... the Judge that he appointed while governor of Arkansas, one day before Mike Huckabee came out to defend the Duggars, that Judge had all the records destroyed, isn't that convenient....
The parents Jim Bob and Michelle should be held just as criminally involved, and charged as accessories. They suppressed a crime, hid it, and let Josh stay in the house ! How terrifying.

Sadly, the statute of limitations is up on his crimes.

Never liked reading anything about the Duggars. Could never understand why a woman would have that many children? Oh wait - TV of course! Always thought them very weird. This just blows my mind and makes me sick. Is there a statute of limitations on child molestation crimes? I'll have to look it up but I hope he gets put away for a long time.


I have made you laugh. My work here is done.

OMG face anus...i'm dying

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