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Wednesday, November 05, 2014


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It will be the same old, same old. No one will work together and we, the people, will continue to pay the price. Until we can get term limits in Congress and maybe the Supreme Court it won't change much. Remember, there are 3 Independent senators and they generally roll Democrat at the sticking point. The GOP does not have a filibuster proof majority. Look for not much to get done for the next two years as well. John Boehner recently said he would commit suicide before letting the minimum wage bill come to the floor. Another empty promise! without term limits we will be screwed right and left and sideways. It's the only answer to breaking the gridlock and miserable attitudes in DC. But that would take a referendum and a change to the Constitution and we will all be long dead before that happens.

Well said, as usual, Linda. Unlike the previous posters, and you ladies know I love and appreciate you all, I am not disheartened. Do I expect the newly-Republican-managed full Congress to make major changes in the next two years? Perhaps a few. However, I, like so many other Americans, have been disappointed in the lack of transparency, competence, and credibility exhibited by the Obama administration over the last 6 years. Yes, I voted for him. No, I am not a Republican. I am a U.S. Citizen, a mother, a woman, a Veteran, and a business owner. I work hard, I play hard, I pay my taxes, I abide by the law on most occasions (probably not when my foot gets heavy on the accelerator). I raise decent, smart, law-abiding children. I attempt to vote for the person, regardless of the office or level of office, who I believe will do the best job. As far as the current administration, I am over the scandals that not only go unchecked, but are supported by President Obama and his staff. When they say, which they have done on several occasions, that climate change is our country's most important priority, it illustrates just how out of touch and delusional they are. I don't need Michelle Obama and her minions to tell me what or how to feed my children. If the President tells me I can keep my doctor under his new healthcare plan, then I expect that to be true. If he tells me that Ebola will never enter this country, then I expect that to be true. But when those things and others turn out not to be true, I expect honesty, openness, and the leadership to fix them as best he can. I don't need excuses and political whitewashing. I don't need Veterans, who honorably served this country every day for however many years, to needlessly die amid lies and coverups just for the sake of numbers and goals. I have had quite enough of the Fast and Furious/Benghazi/VA/IRS-type scandals. I am OVER the Obama administration and his anti-Democracy efforts. However, I am wise enough to know that some things will change and others will remain the same, regardless of party affiliation of those elected to office. In the meantime, I will continue to go about life, living it to its best, loving those I love no matter who they choose to vote for. I have personally lived through 5 Democratic and 5 Republican Presidents and their administrations. Obviously there were times over my 53 years that were better and worse for our country, but we are still here, still going strong, regardless of who was or is in office on a national level. I respect the political views of everyone, and always keep a polite discourse of discussion on the rare occasions that we speak of politics, because everyone knows it's best to never discuss politics or religion!

Here in Wisconsin we are pretty disheartened. Campaigning, contributing, praying for Mary Burke did not do it for those of us who desperately want Walker out of the governor's seat in our wonderful state. But, ok repubs, bring it on. After whining and wailing for 6 years, let's see what you've got to"fix" this country. I hope they can do a few good things without to much damage, we'll vote again in 2 years...

I thank you for your on point writing. I still feel that someday this country will no longer be divided the way we are today. I have to hold onto that. The youth of today will eventually be our leaders and I have hope that the fear mongering hatred will abate.

Like everyone else, I have been feeling disheartened today, and thought I would feel better if I did something nice for someone. I would have given to Yes, Virginia anyhow, but I'm glad to see this pop up today. Donation on the way!

I woke up and looked at the National results and had a minor brain aneurysm, then I looked at Minnesota - The Dems retained the House and the Senate - I am so relieved about that - but I will never in a million years understand how people can be so incredibly blind and easily manipulated. Can't wait til payday!

I will not stop caring or working on issues that I believe are important. But right now, I just refuse to give this thing emotional real estate that in the end is just a worthless plot of quicksand. Maybe in my old age I am finally learning that you cannot move a wall by screaming at it. And trust me, I have spent many years screaming.

you have goods words for me to ponder, since I've been feeling a bit blue today (and that's a no-party affiliation blue). I am just amazed at how STUPID people are. One voter said, she voted for Rick Scott because "he made is so you can point your gun at someone who tries to break in your home." no he didn't. Another said he was voting for Charlie Krist because he thought marijuana should be legalized. There was an amendment for legalizing MJ for people with dibilitating wasn't a Krist or Scott issue. So, while what you said is true, the world will still turn, I'm just still SMH over the number of stupid people who vote. Wish they had to answer at least 10 questions right about their candidate or they could NOT vote....

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