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Monday, November 24, 2014


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What I don't get is what burning down businesses, many black owned, proves? How does it get justice for the Brown family or anyone else?

Amen Cindy. Amen.

I am having such a hard time with this. Nothing about that August day was right. It was a day of everything wrong. Theft. Intimidation. Thumbing nose at authority. Shooting to kill rather than to maim. Every single step that led up to a death was wrong. But it is still a death. And while the Michael Browns of the world may not be the angels they are made out to be, there are far too many other young black men that are seen as a threat when there is no reason for them to be.

please pardon (or delete) my comment. apparently what I saw was an attorney explaining THE process of a grand jury and not particularly THIS grand jury. I didn't see the prosecutor's statement last night fully (was partying with friends and just heard the grand jury's decision), and have since learned this morning that no charges are to be filed, based on what evidence they have.

Too many people posting about a "not guilty verdict." That is not what happened. The grand jury did not hand down an indictment. It could still be pursued by the prosecutor, but that is unlikely given his track record and demeanor last night.

Posted this on FB, and I'm not a lawyer, but from what an attorney commentator said, what this means is that the grand jury did not find enough evidence to indict the officer for FIRST degree murder, however, the prosecution could still move forward with charges, lesser charges, if they feel the evidence warrants same. Maybe they do have enough evidence, and maybe they will prosecute....we'll just have to wait and see. But agree Linda, the violence and rioting is NOT the solution to making that happen.

The whole thing just makes me sad.

I truly believe that if there had been evidence to show the police officer did wrong, he would have been indicted. I hate that people (as usual) don't look at the whole picture.

So true. No matter the final decision, not everyone would be happy.

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