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Wednesday, October 08, 2014


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These guys are idiots. Their national pulled their charter, which is great, but I think their university has to go further. Keeping this mentality on campus is not acceptable. Too many colleges cover up sexual assaults and other bad behaviors by a few students and it puts ALL students at risk. Just not acceptable.

Trust me - it felt great to finally have some time to sit down and write here.

...P.S. We know you are busy busy busy Linda, but Dayam! We missed you!

Since we don't have kids, we constantly worry about our friends' kids. We have a 14 year old daughter of a friend who comes to visit us from New York on occasion. I have frank conversations with her about what she would do in certain situations. She knows that NO means NO, that she has the RIGHT to stop at any time and to tell someone if someone hurts her or tries to hurt her. All that being said, this child looks as if she could be on the cover of the next SI Swimsuit issue or the Victoria's Secret catalog - and the boys see that too. Just because she has boobs does not mean she is ready (mentally or physically) to take on the burden of having sex. I pray every day that no asshole kid who thinks boobs equate to maturity decides to try to force himself on her. We talk a lot about boys and she KNOWS, but I still wonder if she grasps exactly what boys are capable of - and it worries me.

Yes, the fraternity has been stripped of its charter.

UPDATE: Phi Delta Theta has placed the Texas Epsilon Chapter's charter in escrow and kicked out its leaders and members "who directly violated organizational policy," according to a post on the fraternity's website. The actions come after the fraternity investigated the "inappropriate signage" at the Sept. 19 party, which the post says was unsanctioned.

PLEASE tell me that the Fraternity and particularly those members who painted and put up that sign have been strongly invited to continue their education SOMEWHERE ELSE

WHAT.THE.FUCK. INDEED!Seriously?! The fact that they made a SIGN speaks volumes about the lack of maturity, and if my son were anywhere near these morons, I'd kick his ass all the way to Sr.year!I am sending my son off to college next year, with a nice long chat/reminder of how he is to conduct himself. So far, he has barely held a girl's and has yet to kiss a girl or have a girlfriend. Going to college shouldn't change his core being, but if it does, you might be seeing me on the 6 o'clock news!

YIKES, that's crazy!

I'm speachless. I can't believe that was posted, and no one said anything. This seriously makes me sick to my stomach.

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