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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


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Maybe somehow the well behaved Mormon Woman got into her kid's pot stash. Because she had to be high to find all that in Frozen. I tell you, the internet is a wonderful thing until the lunatics start with their asinine screeds and ruin everybody's day.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but my daughter (28 years old) has seen it twice in "normal" mode and once in the "sing along" mode. She loves, loves, loves it. I can't wait to tell her to read your article Linda - she'll get a kick out of it! Thanks for the warning about the crazy Mormon lady though - I'll make sure I steer way clear of her!

A very good short article on this subject. I love the song and look forward to seeing the movie sometime.


What.a.lunatic. Needs.lobotomy.stat.

Heard about this blog post. First thought when I read the name was 'of course it's a Mormon'. Mormons do NOT have a good reputation in most states outside of Utah for a reason. Don't get my siblings started about them. They live in California and saw Prop 8 pass with the help of loads of Mormon money. I turned down work in Utah back in the day because while they don't care much for blacks, they positively loathe people like me and my daughter. I married black and she is biracial.

The other one? So not looking at that. You want crazy. It's so findable online. I need that like I need a kick in the head and Linda? You don't need it either. All this stuff is good for is raising the blood pressure. I haven't seen 'Frozen' but my daughter has, and so have my grandbabies. They all enjoyed it immensely. And that's what that movie is about. Tell a story, entertain people. Not some hidden garbage agenda some paranoid with too much time on her hands comes up with.

Linda, step away from the keyboard. Good God woman, don't you know better than to click on links that say "Well-Behaved Moron Woman"? (typo intentional). Are you that bored? Should we be concerned for you? Do we need to find something for you to do when there are no more cupcakes to bake?

Do not put that type of crap in your head - especially late at night. If this keeps up, we might have to stage an intervention (a loving one, of course)

Right on Linda!

I fear ignorant angry bigots with guns.

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