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Thursday, March 28, 2013


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I would like to see how Freckles is doing in the future. There was a boxer mix that someone had starved to the same point, just skin and bones and the shelter was able to, after months of care, bring the dog back to almost normal. He was adopted by a family with a small boy and to see the pictures of the love they shared, brought tears to my eyes. I hope Freckles can recover and be adopted by someone who will love him forEVER.

Awwww ... I just don't understand the evil in so many people! What a sweet little pup! I love all animals, and it just breaks my heart to see these things!

A dog is such a blessing. Unconditional love, trust, loyalty. We were lucky to have our Maltese, Bella, in our lives for 9 years before we recently had to make the heartbreaking (and completely out of the blue) decision to put her down as her bladder was filled with cancer. As a family we are still reeling from this 6 weeks later. How anyone could harm an animal is beyond me. They have to be missing something inside to inflict such pain and misery on any creature.

Freckles is still alive, but it will be slow going.

I'm assuming Freckles is dead, right? I've seen pictures of animals in this condition (starved to bones) that have been rescued here in Jacksonville and the "after" story is one that makes you cry as well. We can't save them all, but the ones they do save, warms the heart. To see them go from such a horrible state to one of a healthy happy animal is unreal. I wish they had harsher penalties for animal cruelty. I have four dogs, all rescues, and would have 100 more if I could.

why I decided to go vegan (after being plant-based). Read a story about dogs being abused, broke my heart. Even though I don't have a dog I knew it was wrong for any animal to be treated poorly for absolutely no reason. It is absolutely heart breaking to know so many animals are abused every single day.

Poor defenseless animal. Breaks your heart. I burst into tears at the ASPCA ads every time.

Jeanne, it is NOT selfish to choose not to take on such a commitment. It would only be selfish if you got a pet and then did not take care of it the way it deserves to be. And you are right about that special place in hell. Animal abusers are less than human, and far less than the animals they treat so badly.

I don't have pets for a reason: they are a major commitment. Perhaps it's selfish on my part but I have contempt for the folk who go out and buy bunnies for Easter and then when they stop being cute get rid of them. When you get a pet, you get it for life: their life. Since that is the commitment, I prefer at this time not to. Selfish? Maybe. Honest? Yes. And I will not put a pet through the whims of an owner. What happened to Freckles in that picture appalls me. It's just wrong. I've loved every cat and dog I've had and would not dream of treating a pet so badly. There has to be a special spot in hell right next to the sex offenders for animal abusers.

Somebody once said - " I wish I was half as wonderful as my dog thinks I am" ( or something like that ). My grown son are always saying they wished we had treated them as well as we treat our dogs. The dogs don't borrow $$, wreck the car and certainly aren't as messy, never question our judgement or argue when we tell them to go to bed - enough said! ( just kidding - the boys don't do those things either, but the point remains. )

[ Smiles ] Yes, you're right. My dog loves me unconditionally.

Nice article!

I work in animal rescue and it is heartbreaking and soul killing. I adopted a 1 year old pit mix whose head had been smashed in and as a result he cannot open his mouth more than 2" (don't worry, he can eat). We will never know what happened to him but he is safe now, and a more loving and forgiving animal you'll never find. I also work with horse rescue and wow. There are some nights I cannot sleep.


Perhaps... :)

Oh you are soooo lucky! Are you officiating at their wedding perhaps???

I absolutely have kept up on the adoption of your new family member! I think it is beyond wonderful and heartwarming. As for Alisa and Sean? Had to laugh ... I know them well and will be heading to NC to do something amazing with them soon. :)

Oh no - I took one look at Freckles and burst out in tears. I cannot imagine my life without my girls, and if anyone ever hurt one hair on their heads, well, it would be the end of their lives.

Linda, you may not know this, but I have a couple dear friends I met through DGMS, Alisa and Sean. Over the years, Alisa has sent me homemade doggie biscuits, and we have spoken on the phone several times - we have become close. When she found out that Lucie suddenly passed away right after we moved here, she made it her mission to find us another beagle - not to take Lucie's place, but to repair our family. Well, two weeks ago, she sent me a message on FB with a photo of a beautiful little girl who was at a kill-shelter in North Carolina near her home - she said simply, "Kathy, we can save her". That's all it took for me, Phil, Alisa and Sean. They were up early the next morning, went to the shelter and got "Molly", paid for her, took her to the vet for a health clearance to fly, bought her a kennel and went to the airport TWICE to ship her to us (paperwork glitches the first time). We instantly fell in love with her, and even though we've only had her for a couple weeks, she is already an important member of our family. We love her unconditionally - just like she expects us to.

The point I am trying to make is, pets are helpless when it comes to finding themselves a happy home, it is our responsibility as the "more intelligent" of the species to make sure that every pet is loved and in a happy safe environment. Alisa and Sean proved that there are angels here on earth, you just have to open your eyes and your heart to find them. We were lucky to find two that we consider part of our family forever.

OMG! Admittedly I am not a pet person but the suffering of this poor dog made me sick. Can we be surprised really at the inhumanity of people towards animals when humans, hell - parents can be indescribably cruel to their own children! It is a sorry world we live in that is surviving on the shoulders of the good souls that make up for the cruelty suffered by animals like this poor dog and countless children. Animals, like children, cannot speak for themselves. I am just sick thinking of what this poor dog was thinking and going through.

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