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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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*correction, 13-month old. And a beautiful little boy.

More of the "crop" - two young boys, one thought to be between 13 and 15 and the other one younger, shot and killed and 11 month old baby in Brunswick Ga and shot and injured the baby's mother, who was walking with the child in a stroller, down a historical street in the city.

Amen. I have tried to teach my kids to "think ahead"--to anticipate and work through scenarios in order to avoid the crazy crap that can go on. They, so far, have surrounded themselves with like-minded individuals. They DO know that for sure, that wrong is wrong and I will be the first to throw them under the bus and back up if they are wrong. I am thankful that my children always think of others and their feelings, and try hard to be good students and friends. While most of my kids are athletes, I can't imagine that they would ever think they were "above the law" and if I felt they were even close to going there, I would put them in check. Parents AND coaches need to reinforce humility,responsibility and basic human decency in all athletes, so things like this NEVER happen.

What galled me beyond belief was CNN covering it like the RAPISTS were the victims whose lives were ruined by the verdict! Excuse me? They ruined their lives last August when they CHOSE to rape the girl who's life has been trashed in social media, tweets and those oh so lovely pictures of her being towed from party to party by her hands and feet. Her life has been ruined by their actions. I'm just enraged.

**correction to my post. Apparently one of the teens that threatened the victim was a cousin, not a sister as I has assumed, to one of the rapists. But my comment is still the same, the rapists is the one who "tore their family apart" not the victim.

My son and daughters learned at an early age that I would stand behind them when they were right, but would also stand behind any authority figure if my children were in the wrong. If they got in trouble at school, they got twice the punishment at home. Mouth off to a neighbor, you better be prepared to keep your happy butt in your room with nothing but a school book for at least a week.
Yeah, they all "hated" me at one time or another, but I do remember one time when I realized it was all worth it. Cait had gotten into trouble for something and she was in her "I hate you" mode because of her punishment, and Brittany looked at her and said "yeah, I used to think your way too, until I realized mom is right". That one minute let me know that I was doing the right thing, and that my children wouldn't be one of the kids on the news going to jail/prison, or ending up dead, because of something stupid they did.

My neighbor and I were discussing something similar to this today. Several of the boys who live in my apt bldg and hers were outside throwing a football around. Not a big deal, until you consider that they are throwing it right next to everyone's vehicles. I don't know about my neighbors, but I cannot afford to replace a car window or broken-off mirror should something happen.
We have told the boys several times to go into the empty field behind the buildings. Anyway, my neighbor and I talked about how these boys were not taught a simple premise: respect for other people's property. I became even more enraged when I saw the mother and older sisters of one of the boys sitting outside watching them. It took me threatening to kick their asses if they struck my vehicle before the mom stepped in. These boys are 12-13 and should know better. I know busting my car window with a football doesn't compare to what the Ohio boys did, but I firmly believe that all the little things [respect for others, respect for other people's property, etc.] add up to big things and you end up with a child who doesn't know the meaning of the word "consequences."

In his blog, WHATEVER, John Scalzi also does an EXCELLENT perspective on this.

Th mentality in a lot of places is that the high school football team is above the law. Had it been the chess club it would have been a different story. The very idea that there are many taking a "boys will be boys" attitude is sickening. To blame the victim is criminal. The boys should all take their licks, their parents should take a good hard look at themselves and the wider community needs to rethink their position that football players are gods.

There's my Linda - I was wondering when and if your blood would boil (as mine did) when I read the latest on this case about the two teen girls that were arrested for threatening the victim, and write about it. One tweeted, "you have torn our family apart." I'm assuming this is a sister of one of the animals accused? I'm just blown away that anyone, having seen and heard the facts in this case, which were so nicely provided by the rapists themselves, regardless of whether it was your brother or not, could make such a statement. No, YOUR BROTHER has torn your family apart, you dumb@ss.
To answer your question Linda, I must have done something right, because my son (my crop) is better than I could have ever dreamed. He's not perfect, but he's a normal 17 year old. He's not a genius (neither am I!), but he's wise and mature beyond his years. Do we butt heads? A LOT!
But he's got a heart, he's cares about other people's feelings, and is a pretty good human being.

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