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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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I am the proud mother of 4 children. One of them happens to be gay. He didn't choose to be. He was born that way. He DID choose to be in a life-long relationship with a wonderful man. They had a wedding ceremony at our home with my preacher brother-in-law officiating. It was beautiful and yes, I cried. Unfortunately, its not legal in the state of Indiana. Legal or not, they are married in their hearts, go about their everyday lives as a married couple, and make decisions jointly. They have the same life struggles that married couples do with one exception. Their ability to make the same choices as other married couples is blocked. Their lives are made more difficult just because a group of individuals get the heebie jeebies at the thought of same-sex. My son and son-in-law deal with it, but I long for the day when it is a non-issue.

But Lurker its not a state issue because there are federal rights and protections that go along with marriage. I can be married in NY but can't file federal taxes with my partner because the federal government doesn't recognize my state's marriage even though it would recognize a straight couple's marriage. Therefore its not truly equality.
You also have the issue of what happens if a couple who is married in their state moves to another state. Technically their marriage wouldn't be valid and they'd be subject to the laws of that state, even if they are not residents but say just visiting. Same thing with interracial marriage. Back in the 60s it was still illegal in many states and the supreme court overturned this making it legal in all 50 states. Basically it has to be all or nothing.

"Judge not lest ye be judged also" - that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Unfortunately, most of those who use religion to back their hateful agendas are quite selective about which parts of the Bible they like to quote. I dare say if I were the judgmental type, I would seriously question their "christianity" (note the lower case "c"). It's truly unfortunate that we as a country fixate on these non-issues when there are so many more important issues at hand.

The constitution governs the court. And a little amendment known as the 10th says if it is not specifically enumerated within the constitution it is a matter best left to the states. Marriage falls there. As does abortion. It is not a matter the SCOTUS should even be looking at. Too me, them meddling in issues the Supreme law of the land says they shouldn't, is much more dangerous then allowing gays to marry

The thing is, even if I was against homosexuality in any way (I'm emphatically NOT!) the bottom line for me is, what other people do in their marriage is none of my business, unless someone's being abused. I don't care if you marry your hog, as long as s/he agrees. NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

Again...Linda ~ SPOT ON and ELOQUENTLY put.


Thank you, Linda, for once again saying so eloquently what many of us feel but can't say as well! I have many LGBT friends who are just like me, but don't have all the same rights as me simply because of who they love. It's NOT right!

The laws across the country need to be changed to allow ALL people the same rights and privileges. It's great that SOME states have already granted LGBT couples the right to marry, but there are still issues when they are in another state. How is it right that my LGBT friends in Maryland are legally wed, but my LGBT friends in Florida and Oklahoma cannot?

We need our legislators to move into the 21st century and allow ALL of us to be treated equally under the law.

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