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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


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Yes - saw the story when they started painting the first stripes!

Linda, did you see the article about the people who bought a house across from Westboro, painted it rainbow colors and have dubbed it Equality House? Westboro's heads must be spinning like Linda Blair's in the Exorcist.

Religion can provide many good things. But once it is perverted by agendas that have little to nothing to do with the origins of any particular faith, well, then you start having trouble.

I quit going to church a long, long time ago. I believe there is a higher power. I don't believe any one religion has a lock on him/her. That makes no sense to me at all. I didn't insist on my girls going to church either. My son has a VERY religious family on his father's side. (What happened to his father, I have no idea...he was the black sheep, I suppose). The girls were allowed to attend whatever church they chose, or allowed not to go at all. They have both attended several different churches with friends, and have decided on their own what to believe, or not believe. We have discussions about it, but I don't want to shove anything down their throats. Like me, they both believe all men and women are equal and that politics and religion have no business being "in bed" together. If I am on the "Go directly to hell" list because of my beliefs, so be it. I refuse to damn or degrade any human being because of their race, religion or sexual preferences.

I agree totally. While I'm no where close to what Jesus is, I like to think of "WWJD" in any given situation, and I believe no matter who you are, what color your skin, what person you love, etc., He would open His arms to you and love you for the person you are.


A friend and I were discussing this today. If you do not believe the tenants of your "religion" then that "religion" is not for you. Period. Many have asked me why I have come out as a Pagan. It is as simple as this- I do not believe the Bible, I believe that we can manipulate the energy that we put out into this world and manipulate how the energy arounds us affects us. It is very simple. I respect others their right to believe what they want (I do not always understand it but it is their choice.) It has been my experience that very few respect my choice of religion. I do not care. I am not out to please anyone. Just keep YOUR religious beliefs out of MY civil rights.





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