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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


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I often think that the Prophet Mohammed is spinning in his grave saying "You idiots! That's not what I meant!" Just as the original biblical scribes spin and say "You idiots! That's not what I said!" Because a LOT got lost in translation over the millenia.

I lived in a heavily Islamic neighborhood for several years. There were all kinds -- fully burka'd to American born who questioned their faith. In all that time, no one was stoned, no nearby churches were burned and everyone joggled along side by side with everyone else. But in the middle of this bonhomie lived a cleric. He was the one who masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center attacks. He had a handful of supporters and lackies. Everyone else was shocked and dismayed. As my neighbor told me "Guys like this make it harder for the rest of us." The Muslims in my neighborhood were stricken by the 9/11 attacks. And yes, some of them got hassled by the ignorant. It eventually died down. I am not afraid of Muslims. I am afraid of extremist Muslims, the same way i am afraid of Fundamentalist Christians. Neither group is representative of Muslims or Christians anywhere. It is up to decent Muslims and Christians to drown them out. But my God are they loud.

Linda, I loved this guy and despite his own obvious liberal slant in life, his talk is open and gives a terrific perspective and is generous to both liberal and conservative points of view... I think we sorely need more discussions like his although I fear my more conservative friends would probably hate this talk and close off to it... he explains a bit of the reason why.

Cherry picking is one of the hallmarks of Christian hypocrisy. My question is then, why is it OK for a Christian to defend their right to not follow some of the writings in their holy book, but that same mindset and courtesy is not extended to someone in another religion?

My answer? It's not.

This was so well written and full of the most important questions and answers of our lifetime - it's really too bad that the people who need to read this and learn from it will never see it. I saw a post yesterday from a girl with duct tape across her mouth, holding a sign that said, "As an American, I condemn the Anti-Islamic video that makes a mockery of your faith. Please do not believe that it reflects the sentiments of all Americans, it does not. You are a fellow inhabitant of this earth, and I love you." This struck me as exactly how I feel about this.

"God, the Afterlife, Religion, Dogma, The Meaning of Life, Evolution, Creationism, Holy Scripture, Holy Ground, Blasphemy, Free Speech...We may not see eye to eye on the big issues, but one thing we can all agree on is that no one should have to be murdered because of them."

Thank you!

Oh, if the people who need to read your advice and LIVE it, would only do so....what a wonderful world this would be.

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