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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


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As a business owner, albeit not a large one, I find it inappropriate to espouse my personal views on politics, religion, and all those other socially volatile subjects in any manner that reflects on my company. My company is not a person - therefore, it should have no "opinions" on these subjects, so I feel a responsibility to set a leadership tone that is unbiased. Yes, of course I have my own opinions and ideals and values. No, I very rarely share them with others.

I think it was very irresponsible and showed a major lack of judgment for Mr. Cathy to say the things he did in his interview, and more importantly, for Chick-fil-A to provide financial support to groups that reportedly espouse hate and bigotry. Is he entitled to his personal views and ideals and morals? Of course. However, when those views are reported in a manner that makes them appear to be the views of his organization, then that is just plain wrong.

I am a Christian and I support traditional family values. I also support the right of everyone to live the sort of family life they want to live. I have been married and divorced twice, so I guess I am one of those who Mr. Cathy does not support. I simply do not believe in discrimination of any kind.

I am a firm supporter of freedom of speech, but sometimes it's just better to keep your mouth closed!

Now why would anyone want to eat beaks and toenails anyway? This guy can say what he wants like anyone else. First Amendment applies to him too. Oh if everyone just thought like us the world would be a better place...

A Chicago alderman is asking for an anti-discrimination declaration IN WRITING before letting a Chik-Fil-A obtain a building license in his district. I don't think that is terrible...but the news is saying that he won't let them build there at all. NOT TRUE!

Why would you let your personal opinions be known if you are opening a business? That's just crazy!!!!!!

Also, with all the hoopla about Cathy's anti gay beliefs, no one has picked up that he is also against divorce and remarriage. He's a well-rounded bigot. I've been in the Baptist denomination and they won't let anyone serve within the church who has been divorced.
“We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives,” Cathy said.

Not all are haters, but I do wonder if this owner researched the company completely before investing.

Linda: Just got this comment forwarded in an e-mail from one of my sibblings:

"They reported that inside they began singing “God Bless America”. Good to know that, although the weirdoes may have some
people following nitwits, there are still a significant number of real God believing real Americans still around."

F***ing unreal...

Yet the people in those hideous lines would take umbrage at being compared to the Taliban - a completely apt comparison. The hypocrisy is stunning.

I watched the news and saw nothing but stories on the lines of people patronizing CFA, people waiting for hours to show their support, and it made me very sad. Sad for my gay friends, who I love as PEOPLE, to see so many haters. And I agree 100% with you Linda, this is NOT what Jesus would do. I had to wonder too, what people in countries around the world thought of our country, which boasts on being the leader in human rights, when they viewed these "crowds" at a fast food chicken joint. [shaking my head]

Until "government" is completely subject to term limits, there will be no meaningful change. Our government is stuffed with people constantly campaigning for re-election, pandering to their base, and being bought by lobbies. Religion also needs kicked to the curb. It has infected ghe very ideals that built this country.

You posted something on your FB page yesterday - but I agree 100% - it's their choice to hate whomever they like, it's my choice to not enter their establishment. It's also my choice to spread the word about their hate. This is basic HUMAN RIGHTS. I't a no brainer and they are on the WRONG side of history. Isn't it time that the goverment stops screwing around with the constitution and make it right????

I stopped eating Chick-Fil-A a few yrs ago when I heard they were donating to the anti-LGBT groups. Never made a big deal out of it. They can give money where they want but it doesn't have to be my money. And for what it's worth, I'm not impressed with their food or their pricing. Target lost me for the same reason last yr when they donated to some of those groups. They can do as they like, but conversely so can I. And I choose to vote with my money and support those whose politics are more in line with my own.

My husband passed away in November. I used to print out your best rants and put them in his lunch to read while he ate. Oh how he would have enjoyed this one!

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